RDWC bucket size and color

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  1. I have a question for anyone with rdwc growing knowledge,
    I am wondering if I can run 2 x 7 gal buckets with a 5 gal reservoir
    And do the buckets have to be black , can they be dark blue or other dark colors .

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  2. Not sure on the bucket/res question but you don’t want any light getting into your res due to algae.
  3. Dark blue should be fine too--or other dark colors. I've seen people make hydro setups with blue/black/brown rubber-maid containers.
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  4. I went with dark Blue ,
    Being the 5 gal basket lids wouldn't fit on the black buckets I got and the hydro shop only had 7gal at $14.00 a piece .
    I did a light test and they're so dark they may as well be black .

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  6. I built mine almost identical. Black is best because it blocks most light but blue is supposed to prevent alagae also. That’s why the little external tube that lets you see the water level(if you used one) is blue.
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  7. I used a combination of outdoor rated, UV blocking duct tape and corrugated cardboard to make my grow totes light-tight. Best way to test in my view is to put one over your head and see if light is glowing through or not. Don't forget the bottom corners. I did the entire bottom for good measure. Good luck!

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