Rdwc bubbles?

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  1. So this is my first grow and I am about to drop my seedlings in.
    Before I do I'd like to be sure that I have my bottom end as efficient as possible.
    I realize that the roots can only grow through a maximum amount of turbulence.
    Would it be beneficial to route the bubbles away from the roots and put more O2 in the water or turn them down and place directly under or both?
    I have enough air stones and pump to push water out of a bath tub so this wont be an issue.
    My res is about 20 gal with 7 plants sharing it, considering segmenting it for the top 12 inches or so.
    I'll also be adding H2O2 to the nute solution.

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  2. I have 2 small air stones directly under the roots. Unfortunately, the roots have grown around the air hoses and its literally impossible to move the air stones now. Plant seems to be doing fine... No problems.
  3. Why are you adding H2O2? Don't do it!!!! What problem do you have that needs H202?
  4. MJ is not a balloon.
    If you are doing RDWC you can aerate the soup in another tank.
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  5. I'd read in a few studies that H2O2 works well at low concentrations to prevent root diseases, fungus, and algae in dwc, as well as increasing the volume of oxygen that water can hold.
    Seems like a win-win
  6. It also can cause other problems. Remember H2O2 is an oxidizer which will damage roots in high enough concentrations. Keep your res temps low and bubble the crap out of it and you should be ok.
    Here is a product I am now using in all my reservoirs and early signs are it is working like a hot damn
    1 Quart Z7 Enzyme Cleanser
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  7. I've got two large n two medium air stones directly under mine n they're doing fine

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  8. Got a massive root ball that's thriving sitting on top of em[​IMG] And that's held right up next to the towel, they're that long and big

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  9. Thats purdy.
    Is it normal that the room smells like ozone very heavily?
  10. All my room smells like is the plant, but could be the combination of nutes n h202 ur smelling, personally I've been using hydroguard since sprout(better to prevent root problems than try to fix) also used and aggressive dose of rapid start the 2nd week of veg

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  11. I like to have my air stones right beneath the plants so they get a constant flow of fresh air bubbling up through the roots.

    H2o2 is perfectly fine as long as the dosage is low enough. But if it's too low it won't do anything. Getting that balance is something I thought I had once. I was added it for over a year with good results and then one day I almost killed my plants. It must have been building up I guess. I have never used it since. I've never had bacteria or algae problems and my air pumps seem to put enough air through the nutrient solution for them

    Go many litres of air per minute are you pushing through the NS?

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