RDs SuperDuperDeluxe Grow Guide

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  1. Here we go:
    1. Plant seed in CC's mix.
    2. Watch it grow
    3. Spray w/ neem oil once or twice a week
    4. Watch it grow
    5. Harvest
    *The comprehensive guide for $19.95 USD is available and contains The Secrets of Watering Cannabis...order now! only available while supplies last.
    ** Sorry. No copies have yet to be printed in Canadian.

  2. But what about cal-mag and bloom nutes, how does soil feed a plant when it really only gives the roots something to anchor to!? Guide needs to be reviewed imo, gonna have weak scraggly plants without bloom nutes!

    Hard cover or paper back?

    135w UFO LED Micro Grow:
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    Seems way too complicated to me...What about calcium or magnesium deficiencies?
    What do I do when I get a Boron deficiency? When do my bud boosters come into play? Where is your P/K nutes  for massive buds?
    Oh and more importantly, how do I clean the soil from under my fingernails from playing in dirt?
  4. You think I'm funny? Do I amuse you?
    I'll have you know this book is made of 100% recycled cow patty paper, written exclusively from stolen and unauthorized sources, and brought to you, the whining piss-ant public by a real-life, unverified, self-proclaimed guru.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jne9t8sHpUc
  6. During which step do I add the rock resinator?
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    I am simply the messenger (and Cannabis Production Manager) still unskilled in the ways of the guru.* Have no fear, all these questions and more will be answered by the guru himself for a mere $19.95. when you buy the book.
    But alas, I am here to tell you of the special offer being provided by our most gracious guru; for $29.95 you will have a chance to meet with the guru himself. The guru will show up at your door and then eat all your quinoa. Next, he will perform a ceremony in your growroom. This entails the guru gnawing on your skull and dropping a handful of centipedes down your pants, whereby, he will find out the truth, what really matters. I can't believe I'm allowed to share this...the meaning of life comes down to one question!!!
    "Do you believe in public transportation?"
    I know I do. Because you either do. Or you don't. With us. Or against us. Anyhow, if you get really lucky, the guru will teach you about prison. If you get really, really lucky the guru can teach you how to be cool. I know at this point you're thinking bullshit. But the guru really can teach you how to be cool. He's a guru...duh.
    *As soon as the guru pays me, I'm buying the book and getting the skilz!!!
  8. This guide sucks, not nearly enough steps or nutes for your plants which will fail. Where's the bloom nutes? Not to mention the cal-mag lockout you're going to experience.
    Not trying to be that guy, but you're wasting your time. Plants will never grow in just dirt, that's just not how the world works.
  9. No worries Steve. I'm always that guy. Been on the couch all week with the flu. From the looks of this thread it was a 'head' cold.
    See you guys in about a week with any luck.
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    "The guru will show up at your door and then eat all your quinoa"

    :laughing: :laughing: I about pissed me self after reading that thanks for the laugh dude :wave:

    My professor taught me that dirt is just there to hold the plants up :confused_2:


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