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  1. Well so I've put a few hours into red dead redemption and I must say I'm floored with the game. One thing that really stood out is the sheer amount, and well... randomness of the random events.

    So anyway, what are the coolest random events you've seen in the game or other cool things that have happened to you.

    Ive seen a few suicides. I saw one guy shoot himself in the fucking face. Another dude ran straight into a train, although that might have been unintentonal.

    I've seen robberies and once this crew came through the town just shooting the place up and dragging a dude behind them lol.

    Great game, so much to see!
  2. Haha the suicide scared the crap out of me. I was getting ready to lasso some old lady crying over a dead body and she shot herself in the head. I've seen a couple people getting hanged, I never bother to shoot them down. It's always fun watching wolves chase down some guy and kill him too
  3. I saw a lady almost commit suicide in front of the body of a dead man, I shot the gun out of her hand though.
    Theres one where some lady asks for my help and then when I stop a bunch of banditos pop out and try to kill me, thought it was pretty funny the first time it happened.
  4. Haha speaking of the guys coming through town shooting and dragging the guy...that happened to me and i dead eyed there ass's but i didn't know they were draggin a dude so i saw him stand up and i thought he was one of the bad guys and i shot his ass in the head and lost honor points and i was like wtf!! but now i know why hahaha
  5. Starting a good ol' bar fight in Thieve's Landing is a fun hobby of mine.

    I've never seen a suicide before, but I have been tricked by a prostitute on the side of the road. She asked me to give her a ride so I slowed down and was gonna let her on. She tossed me ass far from my horse, but whistling it back to me bucked her off of it. Then I took her head off.

    Fun game.
  6. I've seen a black guy get off his horse, walk across a random pathway, and take a piss on a rock.

    As he walked back to this horse, a fucking cougar comes by and rips his face apart, then it came over and killed my horse, then me.
  7. There's no pissing in these here woods.
    Not if I can help it.
  8. Sooomebodys pissed in the water hole!!

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