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  1. I have a couple questions about resrch chemicals and buying them online. I know about the Analog Act and Operation WebTryp, but everything I find about them and Rc prosecution is from 2000-2005ish. I doubt it, but is it any safer now buying these online?
    Also, if I order some from a trick DEA website or some shit, or it gets intercepted, what would happen to me legally?

    And if anyone could pm me a link for a site they trust and have used, it would be much appreciated. I have a few links of my own that "look" legit, but I'd rather use one Iknow is safe.
  2. They have to be able to prove that your were going to be using them for recreation.
  3. i'd also like a pm for a trusted site if anyone would be so kind:hello:
  4. Don't ask for hook-ups. Against the rules and a generally bad idea.
  5. Thats why undrugged was up. to varify your own vendors. You cannot take RC's yourself. They are for exspr=eriments only! If you got a dog that needs anxiety help, maybe a dose of 2c-b might work. Get what I mean. Some vendors will ask you what your intensoins are. So answer like you know whats up.and be careful with what you don't know about up. ok?
  6. What I would say if asked, would be "determaining the boiling point of the substance to better understand the affinity in the blood brain barrier" or somethin like that.

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