RC Jet Engine or similar as exhaust filter blower?

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  1. my 4" mixed flow fan died on me

    There isn't ebay or amazon option for me where I am so I'm trying to find another Stoney solution.

    I took the dead mixed flow fan apart and it's basically 6w shaded pole .12A motor. (Weak sauce btw ..Seller claimed 23w 175cfm)

    The tent is really small 2x2x5 but living in a hot humid climate (avg 90 with 60 humidity ) makes my tent temp go bananas when sealed

    In getting a small portable ac for the heat but pulling air out of the tent /filter is still an issue.

    I started exploring CPU fans 120 mm -190mm but quickly realized the high cfm means shit after factoring resistance of air filter.

    So I started looking at newer EC motors which led me to hobby motors that I use with quads or planes.

    They use thrust as measurement but I'm sure if they can lift/power jet RC jets they can move air in a tent
    --Rotor Diameter: 70mm
    --Fan blades:12 blades
    --Weight: baout 200g
    --Working Voltage:6s(22.2V) lipo battery
    --Motor:Brushless Motor 2850 1800kv
    --No Load Current: 2.6 A
    --Load Current: 49 A
    --No Load Speed:39960 rpm
    --Load Speed:19980 rpm
    --Thrust: 1900g

    I think the jet engine is probably overkillasaurus Rex but maybe a low kv quad motor with esc ..24V power supply..use pwm to control speed..etc
    Making a 3D printed housing shouldn't be too hard or I could just drop the motor in the old housing and use coupler to attach RC motor to old blade..not sure

    So just wondering if anyone has taken this route before..

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  2. 4" ducting booster fans are sold in tons of stores, as are bathroom exhaust vent fans.. why not use one of those?
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  3. Hi ..that is my backup plans but the bathroom vents here are canned with low pressure or offer boxish form factor.
    The ones they sell here are basically useless once I strap a carbon filter on.

    This is why I'm exploring alternative fan motors that can pull or push air with some resistance.
    It's easier to turn a beefy motor down but hard to go the other way if the motor is weak.
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