Razoring acne off

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  1. Anybody ever take a razor to there zits? Like if u have to shave, you just shave over all the whiteheads and get em off?
  2. uh, yeah because i like knowing my face is gonna be pure scar tissue when im older lol
  3. Omg nooooooo....

    I've never had acne but I just imagine that would be a big
    red mess all over. Ouch!
  4. I do it accidentally. I always try and work around any zits that might be there.
  5. eww no wtf, thats a good way to get scars and infections lol
  6. Fuck no. If I have a zit I shave around it. A scar lasts longer than a pimple.

    I will admit the idea of hacking the ugly fucker off is appealing in theory.
  7. wait wait wait, is this how people get craters from zits? cause that's hella gross, if I have a white head I pop that shit not let it get bigger. And shaving them off sounds gnar.
  8. ouch! don't do that.. buy proper acne treatment.
  9. am I the only one with a What the fuck? expression on my face?

    A pimple is still your skin, and your doing a mini scalping, just....you face


    buy some acne cream and shave around that shit
  10. while your at it might aswell shave off your lips
  11. i try and pop them first but sometimes you cant see them under the hair so yeah, but there just white heads not like bubble puss zits
  12. nipples too.
  13. thats horrible for your skin best way is to poke them sideways only in the white part with a needle and pull away from your skin. or just let them heal on there own. But yeah your causing damage to your skin.
  14. Cutting a zit off with a razor while shaving is asking for more zits man... Thats like killing off humans by making women fuck the men to death... Only more humans are going to result from that.

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    God no, that just makes it prone to more bacteria and infection!

    Sterilize a needle with alcohol or flame, then pop the the whitehead GENTLY with the needle, as soon as the whitehead (NOT SKIN) has been punctured clean the area and wash with benzyl peroxide or salyclic acid. Overnight most whiteheads will disappear and recede into light red marks. DON'T TOUCH OR IT WILL CLOG PORES! Seriously, if you breakout in a certain area it's usually because you rest your face on your hand their. The oils clog all the pores. After doing this, treat it gently and don't use harsh acne products or any facial mostourizers that don't advertise anti-acne effects or are acneogenic. After this, treat the receded whiteheads gently with vitamin E, Tea Tree Oil or more advanced products you can buy anywhere. 1-4 days they can completely dissapear. If it's more then a few and your over 18, you should look into proactiv or talking to your doctor.

    Dont eeeever shave them off, that will provoke lots of scarring.
  17. its called proactive
  18. I just have a major fascination with zits and bad skin in general. My skin isnt too bad at all, I get a few zits hereand there, no masses or anything fucked like that. Theres sometimes I just wanted to razor acne real bad, like look at my siganature pic, who wouldnt wanna shave those fuckers? And yeah, to the people that talked about the needle thing, yes, they sell the professional real good ones online, its SO fun poking zits oh my god, cysts are good too, you stab a nice hole right thru them and then you squeeze everythingggg out
  19. lol i'm OCD so i totally love poppin zits/etc
  20. [​IMG]

    thinking about that just makes me sick...

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