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  1. rays2002setup

    I have a all new room and all new odd strains from local growers.

    The growbox i made is 4ft long, 1ft 5in wide, 3 1/2 ft tall. There will be 8 plants or up to 16 plants for sog, it will be under two sets of 47in flouros(160 watts).

    Strains ---------------- How many seeds i got of them

    Green Ky99 -------------------- 200
    Old Green(ole)93 ---------- 29
    Jme01 -------------------------- 20
    35Ky01 ------------------------- 18
    35Billy Bud -------------------- 4

    right now i have 8 plants that are about a foot 1/2 tall that i'm going to start buding by the end of this week. Next grow after this i'm using the 35Billy Bud up then the rest of Jme-01. Ok i have to go, i'm going to try to get some pics in a week or two :)
  2. Keep us posted..........

  3. What did you make your grow box out of?

    I have a handy man about and I really want to grow hydro's.
  4. i made it out of scrap pieces of wood left over from building my house.
  5. .

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  6. ok the pic above is of one of my new fav plants, I lost track on how old it is.

    This pic is the frame of my box

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  7. hey dudes i just got back from a friends house, he was cleaning up his yard and burning stuff. He had two truck caps that he wanted to burn so i took the windows out of them, i only got three, one was broke. But these windows are nice sized, I'm not exactly sure how big because I've been drinking. If i used two windows i could make a nice size greenhouse, maybe 5 ok sized plants. Well i do want to make a greenhouse with these, i just don't have a place to put it. I dunno i could probably just put it out in the middle of the woods but theres a lot of cop choppers in the summer. I'll get pics of the glass soon as i can.
  8. Well i still havn't done anything with the glass i found, i was thinking about ether stealing a trailor and putting them on it, or just putting them on my camper.

    I have the grow box built for the flouros, but i don't have a heat source where it's at, and it started to get cold again. So i have 9 plants under one 100 watt bulb i took out of my bedroom. They been on 12/12 lighting for 15 days and they don't look to much diffrent. I hope it starts to get warmer soon so i can get some budige.

    I still don't have a bulb in my bedroom.

  9. This plant looks like it is getting light leakage during its "dark" period. Unoit posted some pics of a plant that was covered in this three leaf pattern and it was due to inconsistent 18/6 photoperiod or light coming in when its supposed to be dark. be careful, if hermies are in the genes, light leaks make the herm-out.
  10. thanks for pointing that out BPP, i'll talk to my dad about it, your probably right. In fact i know your right, theres a gap in the back of the growroom where light can come in from the window, i try to keep it covered with some black plastic, but it doesn't stay in place to good and i bet it fell again, i'll check it out. thanks again :)

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