Rayo-Montano cartel bust

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  1. http://www.cnn.com/2006/WORLD/americas/05/17/drug.arrest/index.html

    The DEA accuses the organization of smuggling more than 15 tons of Colombian cocaine into the United States and Europe every month.
    As part of Operation Twin Oceans, the government of Panama seized three islands off its coast that were owned by the Rayo-Montano organization, the DEA said.
    Panama, Colombia and Brazil have also taken control of other assets, including yachts, fishing trawlers and various businesses. The investigation has prevented 52 tons of cocaine from reaching the streets, the DEA said.
    Authorities in Panama, Brazil and Colombia arrested about 100 other people allegedly connected to the organization, the DEA said, and the United States brought six people into custody. Four of those were arrested in Miami, one in Los Angeles and one in Indiana.

    that's a pretty big bust: three islands, my god!!

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