Ray Manzarek Of The Doors Passed Away...

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  1. Fuck this sucks..I listen to them everyday..wasn't expecting this..read it on fucking yahoo.com
    He has some pretty classic riffs with that keyboard of his..

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    Beat me to it. I even shed a tear. Got a big Jim Morrison poster I'm looking up at right now, the Doors are and always will be one of my favorite bands. Ray Manzarek turned the keyboard into a crazy unique instrument. What a legend he was. Him and Jim are back jamming in the sky now, though!
    Rip man
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    He was just as important as Jim was in the greatness & success of one of the most unique bands of all time. I true legend on the keyboard. His solos play in my head on a daily basis......Rest in peace, Raymond.
  5. To me, and from experience, Everyone goes through a Doors phase. Everyone on this site knows who The Doors are. In my opinion, they were the best band of their time. Morrison and Manzarek were one of the best duos to ever walk this earth. I thought Ray looked pretty healthy these last few years, didn't know he had cancer. Fucking sucks bad 
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    Some of you may have negative opinions about Skrillex, but this is what music is about, bridging the gap between generations.


    Two of my many favorite songs by them.


  7. Eh, probably for the best, don't wanna live @ 74 in pain, fuck that noise, he had a good life, great impact and deserved to go someplace bigger and better!
  8. My boy who grewup listening to nothing but rap first heard 'Light my fire' then proceeded to listen to anything he could find that was rock from that era...me as well..they opened up The Doors of musical exploration for me..
    How the hell did he play keyboard and bass? My brain would explode..
  9. I still remember going through my Doors phase (still going through it, it never stops) and it was great. That era of music just spoke to me and I listened. I'm eternally grateful.
  10. I guess it was "The End"...
    The Doors fucking rule. RIP
  11. Manzarek has broke on through to the other side :(
  12. See you on the other side Ray. Thanks for all the great music. RIP
  13. i always thought ray had the most badass name
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    Ray Manzarek is indeed a brilliant name, a fitting name for a brilliant man.
  15. This is a very sad news :( 
    He was a brilliant musician , sad day for Doors fans 
    At least he know has a chance to smoke with his old friend.
  16. Damn. Clive Burr, Jeff Hanneman and now Ray Manzarek. Three great guys left us this year. But their music will live on.
  17. the doors dont get the credit they deserve, and the focus is always on jim, but the other three are brilliant musicians and especially ray, he was what kept them going, and kept jim on track for as long as he could. great musician and great man, RIP Ray...
  18. I was listening to The Doors live at the Aquarius Second show 1969 during the time when Ray died.  I was also having a long conversation with my buddy Lucas about the Doors which bridged into Terence McKenna then the Tibetan book of the dead.  The next morning he texts me with the info that Ray died at 9:31 the previous night as all of this listening/conversing was taking place.  Pretty Eerie.  I have always loved and will always love the Doors.  Jim is my personal hero but Ray was the obvious other very important piece. Ray said in his book on the band he always looked at his and Jim's relationship as the dichotomy of Dionysus/Apollo. Ray is great Apollo who held together and made live Doors performances so Magical.  He had an amazing improvisational mind and ear and I think kept modern day Dionysus, Jim, in time with the jam and snapped him back from some deep trances occasionally.  Another of the legendary has transferred to the great beyond. Gone but not forgotten.
    "now, i have come again
    to the land of the fair, and the strong, and the wise
    brothers and sisters of the pale forest
    children of night
    who among you will run with the hunt?
    now night arrives with her purple legion
    Retire now to your tents and to your dreams
    Tomorrow we enter the town of my birth
    I want to be ready"
    ~ Celebration of the Lizard Jim Morrison
  19. Beat me to it. I even shed a tear. Got a big Jim Morrison poster I'm looking up at right now

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