RAW Vs. Zig-Zags

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by fappytime, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. i think zig-zags are better i just bought a pack of raw to try them out in my opinion the paper burns the same but i dont like the gumming on them they dont stick well and come apart. :smoking:
  2. Zig zags are nice, I'm wit RAW all the way more natural nd healthier for you, I roll them and they burn fine and trick is to not to over due licking the gum part, I lick in sections I dont lick the whole thing, has never fell apart on me not once.
  3. i know for juicy jays you must lick your finger and rub it on the sugar seal,
    using your tongue risks licking it all off and having nothing left to seal it with.

    try this??

    I personallly think there is no comparison,
    wacky tobaccy zig zags are not even worth the penny they charge.
  4. I use purehemps, dunno why actually.
  5. I prefer RAWs, and hemp papers in general, I like the taste better, but I don't mind Zig Zags. I will say that Zig Zags are way easier to roll then hemp papers, some of my friends hate rolling with hemp papers but I started on them so I'm used to them.

  6. i use a joint roller and they come out perfect but as soon as it dres the paper comes apart.
  7. I still have a half pack of raws I will never use. I think they are horrible but the hippies love them. They don't stick and they are so fragile they always fall apart.

    Zig zag all the way.

  8. they stick fine if you know how to roll with them.

    if you don't need em, send em my way!
    i accidentally put my raws through the wash.

    no matter... ever since the homie eric has been locked up I don't toke as much anyways.
  9. I like raw for the taste. They always seem to go out thpugh, any1 else have.that problem?

  10. naw.

    if you have problems with your L's goin out, try grinding up the weed until it is almost powdery. then, before you start rolling & sealing, distribute the marijuana inside your joint evenly (no clumps of bud that will make your joint smoke bad)

    also, airpockets= bad joint, re roll.

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