Raw Video: Home Invasion Ends in Shootout

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by TONYBEME, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. Amazing video from a surveillance camera at an Arizona home shows a car pull up, several men get out and allegedly try to break in. Police say the victim was home and shot at the armed men. The suspects fled but police later found their car.

    Raw Video: Home Invasion Ends in Shootout

  2. Hahahaha, fucking pussies tryin' to break in a fucking house then run like a chicken with it's head off. Lol @ being in AZ.
  3. they guys breaking in have machine guns!

    and they are running
  4. lol jesus...and to think i live here.
  5. I live in Tucson not too far from where that happened. Video is funny. Guys go in shootin, old dude start bustin back. Instant classic
  6. hahaha pussies

    I wonder how the guy inside shot back so quick. its almost like he already had the gun loaded in his hand
  7. He probably saw them in his security cameras. :D
  8. all tonybeme does is post funny videos

    god im so glad we have i guy like him
  9. Thats was so crazy, the guys were all unorganized they just used gorilla tactics or something.

  10. thanks for saying that man its good to know some one is getting a kick out of the stuff that im finding!


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