Raw Video: Brawl Erupts at HS Basketball Game

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  1. This is wild these guys lose there minds!
    Alabama just got my respect !

    When they start brawling in the stands the guys that are doing the most damage are on the football team for sure!

    Raw Video: Brawl Erupts at HS Basketball Game

    Eleven juveniles are now facing multiple charges following Tuesday's fight that occurred during the Carver High School-Valley High School basketball game.

  2. That was pretty intense, i wonder what started it.
  3. The fight in the stands was amazing!

  4. This is not a racist statement, it is a simple fact.

    There is not one single white dude in that whole video who threw a single punch. Fucking ridiculous....

    G thug gangsta 4 life home skillet,, recognize ***** :laughing:
  5. yea us white people usually like to square off 1v1.. u kno look the other guy in the eyes and go at it... This is not a racist statement it is a simple fact.. black people get ballsy when there in groups.. wont say shit to u if their alone... but they need 11 ppl to start shit in this video
  6. exactly what i was thinking


  7. yeah, I'm not racist or anything, but those black people sure are big and scary.
  8. yeah ugh....... that statement kind of crosses the line dude. im white but thats really stereotypical and we dont need or want shit like that in the city
  9. I guess the truth does "cross the line" at times, but it's the world we live in and a proven fact over and over and over again.
  10. I wish political correctness and social fears didn't stop psychologists from doing studies about aggression in different races, mob mentality of different races, .etc...Because there is some undeniable stuff you know
  11. The guy with the braids is out of his mind!

  12. this is very sad......
  13. Sadly, I am not trying to be racist as the others are, but you did not see a single white person there throwing a punch, or fighting for no reason other then to fight. It just makes me sad, that nothing has been done to stop this kind of behavior.
  14. lol wow I only caught like 4 secs of that on tv when my dad was watching the news.

    that really escalated... and quick 2

    wonder what happened?

    just a darn shame that things gotta get all crazy, Alabama 2 always thought everyone was nice down there
  15. Man everyone is nice in alabama, I was the only white boy from miles around in a ghetto there one night on a drive back home, every one was friendly to me.
  16. I saw Akon getting gang beaten in the stands.
  17. Stupid racist fucks. In a school like that there aren't any white people. Which is why there weren't any white people fighting.

    "deh *****rs just ki1ll each other and fight. pussys. big groups. never alone."

    get the fuck outta here. you wouldn't be anywhere near that shit if it broke out
  18. "us white people usually like to square off 1v1"?

    lol word?

    how come the only time i've been jumped by a group of people it was white people? GTFO
  19. damnn those guys kicked some ass
    that was a hell of a fight :smoke:

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