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Raw rolling papers

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Lovesmyreligion, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. Have any of you used them? I've been learning about them and they seem too cool lol, noway I'll find them where I am so will have to order them. But if you've experienced them how are they?
  2. ALOT of people here have used / are using them. they all like it.

    i don't use RAW, but Smoking(brown). quite the same, except less people know smoking(brown) <-> Raw.

  3. Nice to hear lol, I'll check out those papers too. They definitely sound great though, unbleached hemp papers with some flaxseed & gum based glue. Sounds like a winner to me =D
  4. There pretty awesome. I normally use Raw Organic and it leaves barely any ash and burns pretty slow
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  6. They are a little harder to roll at first but i like them
  7. I was like you, decided to give them a try and never turned back...doesn't interfere with the taste of the herb, I love them...I always have a regular pack and a king size
  8. raws all day.
  9. So good, they taste pretty much neutral. Plus they come in all different sizes/amounts, I bought two 300 packs of 1 1/4" sized papers, just a bit bigger than cigarette papers. They're perfect for joints.
  10. They're the papers we always take with us to Jamaica.
  11. They suck they run bad I use bob marley papers I think they are the best
  12. RAWs do burn real well as do OCBs. I like OCBs a little better because I think they are easier to roll with and I like how they are basically see through. Looks boss when you roll up a fat guy with one.
  13. Little to no flavor (especially Organic), minimal ashes, no running. They are great.

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