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  1. Anybody ever seen this? When your about to run out of papers, like 5 left you get this paper.

    Being a stoner and all I forget these things . thanks raw!

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  2. Ha yea I wish that those warnings were actually usable papers though

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  3. Yea haha. It would say warning across the joint

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  4. They seem to work well enough as papers to me.
  5. Man you don't want to smoke all that ink

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  6. desperate times call for desperate measures. I had no other papers and no pipe.
  7. that's what the warning is for! :laughing:
    For real though, until last summer never made it through a full pack because I would lose them or whatever all the time. Finally got to the end of a few packs and man those warnings are fucking legit. Used to always be scared that I was taking the last paper in the pack but now that I know there is a warning I can finally smoke peacefully :yummy:
  8. Friendly reminder to get yourself some more! Does anyone know if any other brands do this?
  9. Not that I know of

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  10. I usually roll with brands such as RAW, juicy and my favorite is lion of judah papers and all three have the warning labels so going with that I would believe it is pretty common for many brands but I am not for sure. Also pretty certain I have gotten to the bottom of a few packs of zigs and I believe they also have the paper but again not 100% on that one. 
  11. Oh that's wicked, I'll definitely have to check those out. Why do you prefer the lion of Judah papers?
  12. Grew up rolling up zigs because that's all I could get my hands on but only the normal size. Lion of Judah's are just the closest thing to zigs at the time I could find that were king size so I just have always preferred them towards anything else

    Then I found RAWs which replaced my zigs but for some reason when I'm rolling king sizes I still only use the Judah's. They roll easily and the gum is great on them, only downside (which could be a good thing I suppose) is they are thicker than the RAWs

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  13. Next time I'm at my headshop I'll check for the Judah's. Are you in the US? I wonder if they have them in Canada. The gum isn't the best on the raws. I'll get back to you if I can find them when I stop by.

    Also, I noticed you're using an iPhone, I'm on a nexus 5 but I'm assuming its the same, how do you quote?
  14. Try Elements. Anyone who dosnt like Raws because of the gum won't stick then I find that they prefer elements rice papers instead. I use both but I prefer Raw.

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  15. Alright so elements I'll look into as well! I've only tried Raws and zig zags before. Thanks for the tips guy! Any clue on how to quote a post though?
  16. Never personally rolled an element but I can def agree that they seem to be the alternative to RAWs as far as being similar smoking-wise

    Idk if the lions are available in canada. They come in a yellow pack that have a green stripe and a red one, def worth at least a try!

    As far as quoting, on the iPhone I just tap your post and then a list of options come up and I hit quote

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  17. Mind if I pm you if I ever find them? I feel dumb for not trying that but its the exact same! Thanks! Toke on buddy !
  18. Get raw papers. The trick is little as saliva as possible on the gum when rolling.. The gum will stick fine

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    Basically, every paper trademark I know do this
  20. Wasn't aware but thanks!

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