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Raw Either and Hash Oil?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by cloudman, Jul 4, 2003.

  1. Hi all, i figured you guys could help me with this. I have been hearin bout Raw Either for a few years now, and suposeedly you get that legendary stuff of dreams "hash oil" from it (ok well i have had it but it's rare as shit on a shingle). I would like to know a little more about it so i was hopeing you guys could enlighten me.
    1) Uh, why is it Raw?
    2)how much it cost?
    3)Can i make it?
    4)Is it like really hard to make hash oil and how do you do it?

    oh and i heard somewhere it's explosive.
  2. I think you mean Ether, it's the kind of stuff that kids in columbia huff and call "the best drug in the world". It's raw because it's pure I guess, and it's flamable because it's flamable. Evaporates VERY fast, and lastly, I don't have a clue how you are able to make hash oil with ether using any method lol.
  3. some people put it in something with buds and there is a method to extract hash oil. I'm not sure really how to do it. Search google and lycos on it. Ether is also the stuff they used to use to knock people out for surgery.
  4. u can extract thc using butane maybe thats what u confused ether with? theres a whole process to it and i dont know it too well so i dont wanna guess on it.
    search for honey oil extraction or something like that
  5. I found some info on that on erowid. You get a steel pipe 1" to 2" ID about a foot long with caps on both ends and a can of butane. Then you drill a hole in 1 end cap the size of the nozzle of the butane can. You put a few small holes like in the top of a saltshaker in the other end cap. Then you put in a coffee filter or a piece of cloth for a filter and put your weed in after that. Then you mount the pipe so the end with many holes is over a can or something to collect the hash oil. You put the nozzle of the butane can in the hole in the end cap that has only one hole drilled in it and empty the can into the pipe. The butane will collect on top of the filter paper, trickle down thru the weed, get the hash oil, then flow into the collection can. If you leave it alone for 20 min, the liquid butane/hash oil mix drains into the can. You get rid of the butane by just letting it sit there and boil off- butane's boiling point is so low it boils at room temp. Then youre left with very pure hash oil. I think i got everything there, but you should double check on erowid. I've been thinking about trying it but since I've never had hash oil, how do you smoke it?
  6. you lace other things with it.
    i have had it laced on blunts and joints but you can just pour it on weed and it will do the trick.

    the BEST way(though ive never been solucky to have it is takein pollun and an eye droper and packin the pollun or keif into a bowl then with the eye droper putting the hash oil on top of it and then letting it sit for like 5 mins and THEN smokein it
  7. Are you guys talking about huffing ether like in FLL (fear and loathing in las vegas) , im sorry but huffing is just plain stupid.

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