RAW brand Rolling Mat first use

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  1. Hey blades, First off I take very much pride in my own rolling techniques with paper, cigars, glucose, etc ... But of course finding something that makes the job easier and improves the overall outcome of the roll; an even burn along with not have to tug to hard. Anyways, I stumbled across the RAW brand Rolling Mat, while buying the RAW brand Papers (only ones I smoke now) and I purchased it. Tonight is my first use for a night cap if you will. I must say the roll was awesome all the traits I pride in having when rolling my own. Nice even burn, easy tug, and the use was ridiculously easy to use. While waiting for the shipping I did search on utube how to use. MM: Lemon Xpress - Lemon Kush / Pineapple Express cross from local dispenser. Only negative it there was some left over crumbs, but very minimal so of you don't mind losing .1 or so depending on how much your rolling up. [​IMG]
  2. just bought a sushi mat today. they looks alike
  3. all mats are the same, great for beginners and way better than rolling machines
  4. [quote name="Darthzin" post="19354127" timestamp="1389916733"]just bought a sushi mat today. they looks alike[/quote]Hah. During college I worked in a Japanese restaurant they do look and feel very similar.Sent from my VS930 4G using Tapatalk

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