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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Turelim, Aug 3, 2004.

  1. im just wonderin.... how many people other than myself are into the rave scene? you know, PLUR, KandyKyds and all that jazz.
  2. im not, but i have some friends who go to them out in the desert every so often

    not to actually go to the raves, but just to go there, and pick up some drugs u normally can't get around here(acid, ecstasy, mescaline, and others)
  3. Meh the only reason raves would be fun is to roll, but i heard too many bad things about extasy to ever put in in my body.
  4. I used to be into that when i was younger. Some of my friends still are, but i'll sit it out... yup, rollin at the raves. i've been to some pretty nice spots in the cities i've lived in too. If you've ever seen bad boys 2 and those rave scenes where its glass floors, fog, lights, bass, tons of people fucked up, i've been to a few clubs that looked similar. i stopped going once i lost my fake to a cop and moved away from the friends i'd go with though...
  5. i've been to a small "rave" (bunch of friends and blacklights, music, beanbag chairs etc) and it was cool and all, but i think takin x is a lot more fun with some friends and goin all over visitin other friends lol and chainsmokin camels and other fun stuff.

    i dont like techno, although i could have fun at a rave.
    extasy is a full-body orgasm and if you treat yourself right and don't do anything stupid its a hell of a time
  6. "extasy is a full-body orgasm"

    Well when you put it that way...
  7. ive rolled quite a few times but never been to one. wouldnt mind, a lot of honeys there im sure
  8. yup. only way i can describe the bodybuzz you get going, its amazing to be touched and to touch, your senses just go crazy its incredible
  9. you dont shoot in your pants do you? cuz that would suck...
  10. how dangerous is X? i just see those stupid commercials where some old guy is like "the only drug present in her system was ecstasy."

    if you just remember to drink water would you be ok?
  11. My friend throws raves. Has been doing it for about 7 or so years. Maybe you heard of a couple?:

    "Basic"- Philadelphia, Pa circa 1998ish

    "Transit"- Houston, Tx circa 2000ish

    "Stereotopia"- Hammerstein Ballroom New York, NY Aug 2001
  12. x is made out to be a lot more dangerous than it really is, mostly because of specifics. when people are on anti-depressants, it messes with the brain receptors and people take more and more roll because they won't be able to feel it and thats bad. some overheat themselves and/or drink too much water.

    all in all, look at all the tip[s on a good experience on erowid, and you'll find that ecstasy is the most amazing high ever (lol) and that it lasts for sooooo damn long its great

  13. Yeah right. Keep telling yourself that. A friend of mine died from taking ectasy. Not only that, but I've helped medics wheel countless dumbasses that overdose out of raves, convulsing on the stretchers. Yes, some die.

    I'm not saying don't do E. Do whatever the fuck you want. :) Just don't try to say its not dangerous when it definately is.
  14. more people die from dehydration than the drug. pop that shit and drink some water when you need to and youll be good
  15. it isnt really as dangerous as thought to be but some people are just nuts and dont know how to handle themselves or take care of themselves when on it. drugs can be relatively safe if used responsibly

  16. yes
  17. Skreebly, i used to think i was the only one with a positive view of x on this board, but i guess not, yea, just look at the mdma page on erowid for tips on stayin healthy and havin a good time, and just be smart, and you'll have the greatest time
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