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  1. Hey, How many of you like raves? I have never been to one. But I love trance/techno/electric. Im thinking im going to go to the next one in vegas.. any one else near vegas down to go?

    I Wana get so trashed ^_^ a night to forget/remember... right ;)
  2. People will stab you with an AIDS infested needle if you go to a rave. Happens all the time in California/Nevada/Arizona. I'm serious, raves are no joke.
  3. Lol Wtf?? ha ha no raves are the shit. You should def go you'll have a BLAST! =]
  4. I don't mess with that shit but I hear there fun. Your choice.
  5. They sound like fun, but im the quiet shy type of stoner that just questions everything I think about. Who knows how fucked up I would get, and maybe I'd get into it and have a life changing experiance. I would proly get stabbed with an aids infested needle.
  6. Wow you kids are acting as if raves were methhead orgys
  7. .....
  8. It's no wonder why he's banned.:rolleyes:
  9. Raving is the essence of my life. Ive lost count of how many Ive been to. I live for electronic music. I live by these lyrics:

    "This is what i love and cant stop loving, get wasted at partys from 9 till 7 in the morning, I live for the music, rolling blunts feeling high, getting loaded,
    or take some pills and go to lala land, spending all my money on dope and extreme high price tickets, but in the end its all worth it, I like to live in my own world, fuck regular life fuck a 9 to 5 job, Im told to enjoy every hour every minute, so thats what i do on friday's & saturdays why should i take life so seriously i just wanna do what i like to do, bein far from reality cause i cant stand socitey its my own world i just wanna
    hear the music!"
  10. gift givers are real....

    but i wouldnt go to a rave...more like a big electronic concert...like TAO or EDC...up to you....i just dont really dig the whole rave scene theyre sketch.
  11. ive been to a highschool rave, but not really a real rave. raves can be really sketch, but as long as ur goin to a chill one ur not gonna have that shit.
  12. Go to a Cali massive and you'll be sold......I guarantee it will be one of the best nights of your life =)
    And did I hear TAO?? Can't fckin wait!!
  13. I love Raves, fun shit...

  14. he was definitely being sarcastic. he was actually a very intelligent poster about e and raving, if i remember correctly.
  15. never been to an actual rave used to had ppl over every Friday/Saturday rollin and raving before my house burned down

    now i dont fuck with none of that shit just weed
  16. Id say do it! You can meet great people... do you go to festivals or other events? You def. should know some basic shit before you just show up at a rave, or at least have a couple buddies with you.

    Also. into glowsticking or poi? what a GREAT way to meet people! lol
  17. i tend to do the poi myself only at desert raves cuz most other places like in clubs or whatever they usualy dont let you in with stuff that can be contrived as a weapon. but i like to bring a wooden pole like with stick fighting and i have it painted in black light paint and i wear a badass ninja costume.

    i swear it gets me laid all the time. and i have a nice vibrating massager thing that people love when i hug them. and tiger balm under the eyes. bitches be lining up for that shit.

    and i live in arizona but never have i heard of any AIDS attacks. that is just insane
  18. raves are a lot of fun, you should really try it out, but there are a few things id recommend:

    remember the buddy system? use it.
    be careful who you let drink from your water bottle. never know what theyll slip in there.
    get your rave goodies BEFORE you go to the rave, from a legit source. ive had one too many bunk e-bombs and fake acid from people at raves.

    youll meet a lot of friendly people at raves, but just be careful who you interact with, theres a lot of people on drugs (duh) and you never know what theyre going to do..

    but most importantly, have fun and dance the night away

  19. There is a nice psytrance scene in AZ
  20. Has anyone here been to Rave Links? Great website/forum where people posts locations of raves in your local area.

    You guys should check it out.

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