RATS Ive got rats. Help??

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    TL;DR- I've got rats. How do I rid my home of them (I've tried sticky pads and mouse traps)?
    As we're coming into the inevitable winter months and at the same time some construction is underway behind my home that's frightening animals away from and out of their dens ,nests ,holes ,etc.. I find myself writing this as there's a little rodent scurrying around ,under ,and into every crack and crevasse in my room. This is the same room my three month old sleeps in ,so naturally this has me worried that the mice/rats will smell formula on her causing them to bite her in her sleep. So my question to you guys is this. How would you handle this situation? I've put out "sticky pads" and mouse traps (With which I've caught several) but it's like they keep coming. And yes I've looked for their entry point to my home but alas can't find it. It's not like that matters anyway considering your average mouse can chew through steel pipes meaning they make their own entry point if they can't find one. Please help.

  2. DCON.  Or bait's in general.
    It's the only sure way I've found. 
    We used to have rats in my dad's
    old workshop.  Put that out and
    never saw another living one.
    Just be safe with it.  Keep it out
    of reach of children and pets, if
    any.  It is poison after all.
  3. Put some rat poison outside. They'll eat it and bring it their friends. And you'll have less of an infestation.
  4. Try putting a dollop of peanut butter in the exact middle of the glue traps, it will draw them toward it

    Instead of them just accidentally running over it

    Also you should use a combination of pest control, for example put out the glue traps as well as buying rat bait

    They eat it and will later die once they have ingested enough

    You can find the bait at your local hardware store, its usually in pellet form, its green.

    Also I wouldnt advise getting the bait where the rat has to go into the package like a roach motel

    You want the bait that is exposed

    hope this helps, I HATE pests of any kind and have successfully employed these methods with great success!
  5. Get a .22 or a 9mm and go Hunter S. Thompson on that shit.
  6. get a mouser cat or a small terrier, old school
  7. Use tear gas.
  8. I've tried that but now I can't find the rat the poison killed and he's starting to stink.
    Baiting the glue trap sounds like a good plan. The poison however I've tried and was successful with killing one but the problem is I can't find it and it's stinking up my kitchen.
    :laughing:  Because guns are safer then rats.
    Nah. Between my job and the wife watching the baby/tending to the house I don't have the time to care for a pet.
  9. U cam buy,thoes audio rodents deterrent thngs u plug into,the wall, ut emits a frequency only,rodents and other pests,can hear, it drives them away, i see them all over the place now,ah days, they worked,for me
  10. If u wana make it more,interwst, set food and traps, then get a pelet gun and,hide, hunt them like u would big game lol
    Mixing bleach and ammonia with all doors and windows firmly shut works better.
  12. Never heard of that but it sounds like the flat-out best solution.
  13. Just don't forget to go outside or you could become a corpse.
  14. I second the audio thing, they make them for spiders and other insects too. Though I've never personally used the rodent one I don't see why it would still be on the market years later.
  15. Multiple brands,sizes, quality etc. Dosome research on,reviews to find the best ones, Ultrasonic Rodents/ Pest Deturant:

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    This one looks pretty badass for the price
  17. If those things actually work then this is obviously the best solution but I've heard mixed feelings about the device. I may give it a try though.
    Lol that actually sounds fun.
    Lol Got rats? Better make some mustard gas and go full on chemical warfare on my home.
    If they actually work then yes this would in my opinion be the best solution to my problem.
  18. Yea,they work, just check reviews and find a brand that is well built and works, there are cheap knock offs out there like everything els
  19. just finished a book last night were the main character killed someone and died using ammonia and chlorine
  20. So what do you have, rats or mice? Your post isn't clear.
    Some pointers:
    - The poison works, but if they die in your walls you'll wish you didn't use it.
    - Traps work, and there are a zillion different kinds out there now
    - The audio things do NOT work, don't waste your money
    - They won't eat your baby's lips, WTF, where did you ever hear that?
    - Cats are probably the easiest way of keeping rodents out -- assuming you like cats

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