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Rather pissed, shorted bud on fronted bag

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TaltTokesToo, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. Just waited round till 12 30 am for my D to come by n front me like most wknds (she cant come thru fri-sun so if u need wknd shit but have no cash till fri or sat payday she just picks it up monday) and it finally got here. $20 a g usually but this time she just eyeballed it. I get inside and look at it and its at BEST .75g Im not so angry at how much i got as last time she eyeballed it she gave me WAY more than i was paying for, but that im supposed to b hookin my buddy up with 1/2 tmrw for $10 when he comes to chill but in all honesty id only pay $10 for what i got n wont feel rite doin that to my boy.

    How do I adress it? Normally its scaled in front of me shes just forgot her scale the last 2 times. Should i just be sure to have it scaled next time? cause ik shes not intentionally shorting me. Bring it up and ask to pay less when i pay or ask for more bud next time? Just leave it be? Im just a bit angry and also need to figure out if i should just explain wat happened to my friend or what.

    And if that dont kill the nite my car wont start and the driverside lock is frozen :(

    TL;DR How to address unintentionally short bag i bought with dealer, who fronted it, and also gave me (seemingly) extra last time. It was eyeballed the both times, and normally i see it scaled just forgotten scale and was eyeballed not weighed?
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    well it kinda equals out since u got more last time.

    simple solution, just smoke your boy out instead of selling him some, if you guys are only splitting a gram im guessing you have low tolerances, so shit maybe just break him off enough for a hit and dont charge him, cause that sounds like it would be enough for him to get high with.

    next solution, just mention to your dealer whenyou call next time to make sure to bring the scale cause you feel like what you got was less, now she may bring up that the time before she felt like she gave u more.

    also without a scale and with such a small amount, its gonna be really hard for you to guess just how much u think it is, it cuold be super dense without looking it. what you are saying is missing is roughly the weight of a bowl, unless you pack super teeny tiny bowls.

    also, when im weighing out bags for work i like to eyeball what nugs im pulling out and guess what they are before i weigh 'em real fast lol. ive gotten pretty good at it! so if your dealer is bored, like i sometimes am, she might be pretty good at eyeballing stuff if she plays with her scale like i do ;) lol

    EDIT: i almost forgot, i have tons of scales, you can always send it my way and ill make sure it on point ;)

    oh and dollar bills, or any bill for tht matter are supposed to weigh a gram, so maybe put a bill in one hand and the bud in the other and compare/
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    Some good points there, and trust me if i had a cam id upload it and i dont think a single person would claim it could equal a gram lol .75 is giving it the botd. and he has a low tolerance mines not soo low but a gram to 2 heads typically has me n 1 friend good for 4 hrs or so. idk im probably just gonna cut my losses and just have her bring her scale next time in a "friendly reminder" sorta way lol. The buds like super airy and if i broke it all up id lose close to 1/2 the weight in stems lol. Ill probs just smoke him out or somin.

    Edit: it is rather dank, ive had it b4 from her its just a really airy fluffy and stemmy version of the usually really dense bud.
  4. You just gotta be straight up, like look ive been buying you from a while and have had no issues but that last bag wasnt as much as i usually get, do you think you can scale it next time, and if your a regular im sure shell be like oh im so sorry ill make sure to hook you up next time
  5. Yeah, I know it wasnt on purpose either, But do u think its better to not mention it and just "remind her to bring her scale cause she kept forgetting it"? cause the time b4 when she eyeballed my 2g for 30 it was more like 2.7 lol. so in a way im still ahead like .3 ish.

    Edit: i am a regular usually g- quarters, for abt a yr yr and a half now.
  6. Oh yeah if your a regular for that long then im sure if you tell her that the last bag was chincy, shell hook you up because i mean who wants to loose customers?
  7. Me and a friend were both shorted an 8th once... he said it was a quarter. We each payed 100 but he just ended up splitting a quarter in half and told us each had a quarter in the bag when it was obviously only an 8th. I essentially payed $100 for an 8th. Never got my money back even after weighing it. Im pissed
  8. Damn that sucks, the only other time i got mentionably shorted (i.e .2-.3 on a 1/4 not a huge deal once in a blue moon) Was an 8th of white rhino i had picked up, got home weighed it and it was 2g lol. Hit my guy up he said he eyeballed it cause his scale broke, but he had sold me his other scale a while back for $5 so i gave it back to him for my 1.5 and an extra g for the trouble haha

    Edit: wishing i had a scale these days
  9. at least you got a stoner chick dealer
  10. Also if its only a g, .25 does make a difference but sometimes its just about getting your weed so you can get high. So youve might of not gotten fully what you payed for but atleast your gonna get high :p
  11. Haha this is true, and its almost always medical unless her caregiver/grower is out (rare) then its "street dank" which isnt much lower quality
  12. Buy a scale and weigh it yourself.

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