Rather eventful Night.. Great Detail.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by CanaBliZZ, Apr 15, 2006.

  1. Alrite so i've had this ongoing battle with this kid ever since me and his girlfriend started having feelings for eachother. I've already fought the same kid 2 times before, lol. So I go over to the mall behind all the buildings, so many people were there like 50 and I was like okay and shit Igot him good first round bloody nose and what not, then all the smoking kicked in.. I felt like a goldfish out of water, haha. O well so I got a few good hits from him but it hurt so good!!!! So I leave there go get a drink at the gas station, and start driving, this is when the 3 slizes of pizza i had earlier start to get a little rambuncious and decide to start playing football in my stomach, so I start feeling sick and dizzy, probably from all that adrenaline and what not built up, we go to this kids house and I puke and it felt so good! Then they drove me to go and get picked up at the mcdonalds, i get in the car and i had people comforting me and shit, lmao like I was a little baby just born, then we start driving, and BLAHHHH all over the inside of her car making a big scene in mcdoanlds parking lot. So then you know some people want to go fuck the kid up a little bit more but we couldn't find him and ended up just going to their house afterwards to go smoke some weed, it Feels so good. Lol I come in te house and my mom sees im wearing a completely differnt outfit, and then smells my clothes, she is like who threw up and i said i did, i blamed it on the fact that I ate so much on an empty stomach and drank a lot of soda, she thought i was drunk but quickly was dismissed. haha its just so funny, now the girl in question the whole reason for fighting hates her ex boyfriends guts, lmao.
  2. lol. i love how you enjoyed throwing up
  3. Well yeah that was killing me I felt like my stomach was growing legs and running away!

    Im kinda bummed though, I threw up on a brand new shirt I got from italy, lol. and in her car..
  4. If I'm sick, I like throwing up because then I get all the nasty stuff out of my stomach and feel good. But the act of throwing up deffinatly doesnt feel good.
  5. Chet ass story :rolleyes:
  6. Alright that was a little high inquiry last night, but anyway I feel better now.
  7. I used to throw up very often just making myself do it cuz i would constantly feel naucios. Well one time at lunch I went to rubios and ate two shredded beef tacos... couple hours later I puke and shredded beef comes OUT my nose. Yeah, that was the last time I made myself throw up.

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