rather be a man or woman ???

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by mooglekexin, Feb 1, 2004.


well ?

  1. woman

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  2. man

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  1. simple really, what sex would you rather be born as ???

    i see this turning into another bud head orgy thread...

  2. Yea it will.. starting with me..

    Wouldn\'t matter to me.. Just as long as I can have sex 24 times a day!!!!!!!1
  3. It\'s easier to be a man, dont have all that... girl stuff to worry about...
  4. i prefere being a guy, we get away with stuff a bit easier. methinks

  5. Ha! are you serious?? all a lady has to do to get her way, is blink smile pout, cry ( this one works espcially well with tickets), or if they don\'t mind...show a lil skin.... ladies have it much easier.... ( aside from the whole pregnancey an other womenly dealings ofcourse)

    so aside from that i\'d say it really wouldn\'t matter, i think i\'d be who am either way.... thoguh i really don\'t mind being a guy....

    i guess i might find out in my next life, oh\' well...
  6. Hey guys....... have you heard of historectomys???

    Don\'t have to worry about prgnancies or periods...
  7. I\'m just glad I have the thing that enters the other thing. Not the thing that gets entered by the other thing. it\'s just got to be better for us.
  8. i love being a woman, and despite common thought, the \"womanly things\" that are suppost to be bad are what i\'m most proud of...i mean, i get to bring life into this world...guys just don\'t have that equiptment.

    oh, and by the way...can we say...multiple orgasms?!

  9. lmao, i was thinking the EXACT opposite!! i\'d think it\'s better for us lol.

    i like being a women, so i \'m voting for women. but there are times i\'d like to be a man:)

  10. hahaha!!! gotcha there!
  11. i didnt mean like that dude, i ment like getting away with stuff. acculyy i dunno. being a guy rocks.

    i know! no i dont
  12. well, the poll is 7 to 10. I guess this means guys must be better...
  13. Yea I definately like the way I am so I\'m gonna hafta say a guy. There\'s just something about wakin up in the morning with a springy friend already awake waiting on ya, that makes me smile :)
  14. I LOVE being a grrrrl :p:D aaaaaaaahhhh...:)
  15. I wanna be a lesbian...
  16. It\'s much better being a woman because we don\'t have to worry about things like size and performance.
  17. you should have tried:

    am a man would want to be a man
    am a man would want to be a woman
    am a woman would want to be a man
    am a woman would want to be a woman

    that would have been interresting...

  18. i figured..

  19. i was going to but stml kicked in and i forgot the options :D

  20. Well put...
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