Rate your intelligence... scale of 1-10

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  1. Check it out, I divided it into subjects. Just like middle school.

    English Comp
    English Literature
    Music (theory, not knowledge of shit bands)

    ok, I'll go first.

    English Comp 9
    English Literature 7
    Science 4
    Math 2
    Geography 8
    History 7
    Music 8

    Overall intelligence, well shit, I think I'm pretty smart, so I'd go with an 8.
  2. fuuck. is there going to be a test on this?
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  3. Knowledge is hardly a measure of intelligence.
  4. I heard we're gonna have a pop quiz later this week...
  5. Damn, I didn't even study :smoke:
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    Intelligence is the applied application of knowledge.
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  7. English Comp 8.5
    English Literature 7
    Science 6.5
    Math 8
    Geography 8
    History 7
    Music 5

    average= 7.14 (+ or - 1 i would say)

    I would say (biased opinion) i am right about average....
  8. English Comp - 9.5
    English Literature - 4 (I read great and remember it, I just can't quote or reference it months later)
    Science - 5
    Math - 3
    Geography - 6
    History - 2
    Music - 7

    The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don't know. I wish I had the resources available to know everything about every topic/subject there is, but I don't.

    It seems like every day I feel that my parents and teachers have been lying to me for the last 23 years, and I'm really mentally challenged.
  9. English Comp - 10
    English Literature - 7
    Science - 8
    Math - 9
    Geography - 8.5
    History - 8.5
    Music - 9

    Average - 8.6

    However, let's look at a few more areas...

    Thinking on my feet - 2
    Appearing as smart to others as I think of myself - 3
    Being patient - 2
    Passing cars on the highway - 5
    Being suave - 0

    Average - 2.4

    Knowing a thing or two about history and math will do you well, no doubt, but even people I've once thought of as idiots can blow me away in other areas. And life is full of other areas.

  10. FUCK!!!! I was gonna study, But Then I Got High.......:D
  11. Whoa people rating themselves 8, 9 and 10?

    I take it you are going to be rocket scientists then?

    Seriously tho. After leaving school nearly 5 years ago my intelligence has dropped a lot. For example. My 9 year old bro wanted me to help him do his math homework. But i couldn't remember how to do long multiplication. I got an A+ in my final math exam.... and now i can't even do simple maths. :eek:
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    Not sure what the scale of 10 actually represents. It could be equivalent on getting an A or that's where Einstein's IQ is.
  13. That's what i was thinking. 1 being the dumbest guy on Earth. And 10 being the most intelligent human on the planet.
  14. i wuz never booksmart...wuz just something i could never get ahold off, and becuz i dont do things by half measures i just dropped out, but i was decent at math all those years ago...ended up with a b+ in algebra III
  15. I took the scale to mean compared to the average person. Why would we compare ourselves to geniuses or experts?
  16. Because when you do a scale of 1-10 it's normally 1being the worst and 10 being the best.

    Maybe OP should specify a little more :p
  17. 1- Idiot
    5- Average
    10- Best in the field

    Got it now? OK, cool. :)
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    Common sense is the foundation of intelligence, and reason, insight, and experience are the pillars upon which it is vaulted.

    Knowledge is the home we build, and the house we adorn.
  19. D Truf.

    edit- tried to rep but i gotta spread it before givin any to ya again
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