Rate your city's public smokability

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  1. Some people are lucky enough to live in a small town where no one cares if you smoke a J.
    Other people unfortunately live in a place where you can get sent to prison for having a seed and cops are swine bastards more so in their area.
    What is your town like? also rate your public smokability on a scale of 1-10

    personally, the 850 of west florida is like 7. i can usually light up a J in a parking lot or take a pipe toke at a red light and no ones said anything...yet :rolleyes:
  2. smokeability is like 9 in my hometown. Here in Sac it's like a 4, I already got busted here.
  3. where I stay with my dad, I've seen the cops maybe 3 times a year, its not farmland, its like a small neighborhood, but its out of the way, so they dont even bother.

    most of the time I'd say its a 9-10.

    I could light a j, smoke a blunt, ive hit a bowl walking down the street at night, I could probably get away with a bong at night, lol.

    but most of the time I see the cops, theyre around for me. :/

    hopefully it stays chill.
  4. denver, about a 9, i do it in my backyard or my room and no one cares.
  5. 9/10 imo.

    I don't think any where in North America has better public smokability than British Columbia, Canada.

    In the City, we have a vape lounge and easy access to pot.
    In most of Greater Vancouver, you can walk down the street smoking and not have an issue.
    All of Northern BC is not only beautiful, but empty too. :p
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    :(:( where in texas?
  7. i live in a college town, so its pretty shitty here. cops are assholes. but in my neiborhood i can still walk down the street at night and smoke a joint with no problems. id say its like a 5/10 for the city overall.
  8. No more than a solid 8, around here. It's so easy to go out of town to smoke a bowl, though.
  9. I'd say a 10 when college is out, but a 7 during the school year.

    The campus police are bastards in my town.
  10. san mateo, california a 9, as long as you dont pull it out and smoke in front of a cop, ppl dont give a fuck, and cops usually dont care if they catch you with it. and can somebody tell me how you put like pics or quote like underneath your posts?
  11. San Jose
    8.5 its chill, but especially where i live theres not to many cops
  12. I'd say about a 7 or 8 at college, and a 9 or 10 at home. There isn't much of a town where I live and you can basically smoke whenever and where ever you want.
  13. what part of san hoe are you from, i lived there for a while. haha
  14. yeah San Jose definitely is pretty chill about blazing
    Los Gatos is 10+, I've straight up seen people crouch on sidewalks and take bong rips.
  15. 9.5-10 in Victoria. I've seen kids on the main street downtown smoking a bowl.

  16. santa clara
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    All of south dakota.

  18. Federal agents are out here all the time because of the @!%! meth labs. Guy down the road was busted with 17 kilos of cocaine...Swat guys everywhere. I would not smoke outside, inside or anywhere else around here, too much survilance. -1.
  19. 3 here in VA

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