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Rate this blunt I rolled/10

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Louis438, May 5, 2011.

  1. This was my first attempt at rolling high and it came out better than my usual blunts o_O

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  2. By looks id say a 9.
  3. Lol as long as it burns slow and hits hard it's a 10/10. It looks like a good blunt.
  4. 7.5/10

    Skinny/little uneven

    Definitely still a good blunt, though.
  5. 8/10 sir good first one!
  6. That's nice 10 out of 10 how long did it rake you to learn how to roll good?
  7. Looks pretty good. I'd have to feel it to see how tight or loose it is but just from looking. 9/10
  8. hit hard as hell, only smoked half of it and was pretty faded
    It had a little hole towards the top though, but thats cause the cigarillo was kinda stale :p
    I just cut the tip off with a cigar cutter and stuffed the weed in the cut off part back in the rest of the blunt
  9. 8 if your new, 6 or 7 tops if you've been rolling for a while.
  10. high as fuck / 10
  11. Sir that blunt looks great, in fact, if you would allow me to inspect it further, I can determine whether or not you'll be nominated for a Blunty Award.

  12. Moisten it with you tongue to prevent these "holes" :smoke:
  13. I've only rolled like 4 blunts excluding this one & they all came out shittier than this one... and I was sober lol. I've rolled plenty of joints before though, theyre alot easier IMO
  14. In my experience blunts/joints are just like bud. Gotta smoke it to really tell how good of a job you did.

    From the looks of it 8/10 just because it's not a 10/10 with presentation. But that doesn't matter as long as it burns evenly and slowly and it doesn't run.

    let us know how she ripts.
  15. 7.5/10

    solid blunt, gj man
  16. Surprisingly I dont have much blunt rolling experience lol, this only my 5th blunt I rolled

  17. K if it's only your 5th blunt then I give it a solid 8, you'll get the cylinder swag on your blunts soon enough bro.
  18. Hmmm... its not a dutch, it is a little crooked looking, has a little cone shape but its not a smooth transition... looks like a regular blunt someone would roll on any given day, 6.5/10
  19. Exactly what I was thinking, but it's his 5th blunt, give it an 8 bro haha

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