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Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Technicolour, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. Hey everyone. I'm from Newfoundland, Canada, a small island off the East coast that is as far East as you can get in North America. I've been smoking regularly for a number of years and have met many people around here who do the same; a topic that often comes up is the quality of the flowers we get here. Being a small place, we accept that we aren't going to get a wide selection or top grade strains, but I'm curious as to how it compares to weed from other parts of the world. Generally we get "reg" (regular, which I'll assume is what everyone else refers to as mids) for $10/g, $30/8th, $60/q, $110-$120/half o, $200-220/o and various strains of higher quality weed that are often named on the spot as some sort of random kush. Prices are generally $15/g, $45/8th, $90/q, $160/half o, $300/o for those kinds. If you're going to post saying that it's all schwag and everything you smoke is twenty times danker, don't post at all, nobody cares how dank your weed is because we aren't smoking it. Also, sorry if my pictures aren't the best. Thanks!

    First up, a couple grams of reg from a batch I got about a month ago.

    More reg, a 5.6g nug that I'm breaking up part of while typing this.

    This was sold as purple kush. I doubt its legitimacy, but there was a lot of purple in the buds.

    More weed sold as purple kush, bought on a separate occasion from a different person.

    Finally, this is the best weed I've ever had here. It was sold as OG kush. I don't know what it really was, but it was extremely potent and the high was incredibly intense and long in comparison to most weed from around here.
  2. The "OG" is nice! I bet you had fun with that. :bongin:
  3. #3 TwztedElegance, Aug 16, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 16, 2012
    you're paying too much for your regs which looks like some M39 aka "china bud", shouldn't be over 50/q, 90/half, 170-180 an O. your "exotic" prices are ridiculous. 160 for a half in Canada? is your guy a middleman that just picks up from somewhere and then taxes you? i was on the east coast too btw. stuffs not bad but you're overpaying. then again, Newfoundland is so deep and far away that it might just be the norm there
  4. The third pic of the purple erkle is real nice. The OG looks beautiful also. Enjoy man
  5. They don't look bad at all. I'd pay for it. Obviously the prices would be cheaper if you were closer to the source, but what can you do?
  6. Looks good to me man smoke that ish!
  7. They all look good to me,just a little overpriced
  8. You should make the pictures bigger, I can't see them.
    But in all seriousness, those buds look great!
  9. im from newfoundland too, the bud is pretty good but exspensive compared to out west.
  10. truthfully speaking, even the reg doesn't look bad man, but the OG looks lovely!
  11. All of those buds look good, man. :bongin: wish I was you I'm out visiting Cali and I'm dryyyy
  12. You're likely right that it is indeed M39. Some friends and I did some research online and that's the conclusion we came to. There's a load of it around, it's consistent and never looks different at all apart from the number of hairs (seems to vary by season). Keep in mind that Canada's very large, weed in British Columbia is extremely good and cheap because it's grown there. Isolated islands such as mine, however, have to get supplied via a boat or air, boats being pretty much the entire operation.

    Sorry about that. I took them with my phone camera which has an obnoxious resolution and forgot to resize them prior to uploading. Also, nice boards. I started longboarding this summer, I love it.

    Glad I sparked your first post, haha. Where specifically? I wouldn't mind discussing some things. ;)

    How can you be in California and be dry? :confused:

    Thanks for all of the replies guys, they were quite helpful. Glad to hear that it is of decent quality, better than I thought anyway.
  13. Everything looks lovely! Prices a little bit too high. But there's not much you can do when you live in newfoundland and arent near the source of it.
  14. I've got nothin so they all look good to me! :)
  15. Hey Technicolour and Tyler369. Im from Newfoundland as well and the prices are definitely the highest of any province. I live in St. John`s though so I guess it`s not terribly hard to get it.

    One thing though, it definitely seems that people here don`t take weed as seriously as some people on the mainland, and as a result the often go dry for weeks at a time without making any effort to pick up again.

    I`m so sick of handing over my money to some deadbeat dealer who answers his phone once a year when they feel like it.

    Any newfies here wanna get on the match or what?

  16. Dealers here are indeed very lazy, man. Unfortunately, the West coast of Newfoundland is basically completely dry right now. I have a guy who makes trips out of town to bring in enough personal for my circle of friends because the only thing available currently are $20 grams of reg/m39, it's honestly ridiculous. Happened a couple months back, main supplier for the town had some of his pushers busted so he got scared and packed up to St. John's. QPs of kush are like $1800 at the moment, hurtin' bad.

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