Rate the the last movie you watched!

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Dimethyltrip, Aug 17, 2009.

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    The Purge-Election Year 10/10 lbvs movie was wild.

  2. LOL you should try a Russian Cinema ..lol

    Venom was like watching a wrestling match peeps shouting screaming even betting ...lol

    tho with recent news that CCTv cams will now be permitted

    for security reason.. thats a bummer

    we pay to watch a film not be filmed ...lol
  3. Great movie if you like fables and devils -

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  4. Haha yeah it depends on the movie, but in general in the US the policy (at least for most people) is to try to be as quiet as possible...A guy fell asleep during a movie a couple weeks ago and was snoring for like 10 minutes so I shook his chair and woke his ass up haha...as far as the cctv cams I am not 100 percent sure but would imagine they are in the theaters I go to, especially after the shooting we had during Dark Knight Rises I am sure theaters started upping security

  5. Yep I work at a movie theatre and people are supposed to be respectful and quiet as they can during the film. I have had to tell folks to be respectful many times when others have complained to me about it.

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    Anyway we watched the 007 movie Spectre last night 10/10 lol its one of our favorite James Bond films. ICW until they come out with a new one next year!

  7. The word from SPECTER is hes way too old for such a wrinkle bum(1968yo)

    to be leaping thru cardboard cutouts of bad guys

    we saw the exhaustion and wear on the last movie even the criticism of his screen peers

    make up and cgi can only do so much

    a black female but that was taken by the last Moneypenny

    Venom guy Tom Hardy(1977) is ageing fast too

    has your cinema got CCTv ..?
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    Well I still like it! People complain too much :p

    We have cameras in the lobbies hallways and outside the building so far but some are saying they want to put them in the movie rooms as well.

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  9. Usual Suspects
    10...classic crime movie
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  10. Sunday Stoned at the Movies proudly presents:
    The Treasure of the Sierra Madre - 1948
    Directed by John Huston. Starring Humphrey Bogart, Tim Holt and Walter Huston, John Huston's father.
    John Huston won the Best Director Oscar. Walter Huston won Best Supporting Actor.
    Classic film about the dark side of greed.
    Treasure of the Sierra Madre.jpg
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  11. This was a 10. Was not what I expected and totally captivating.
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  12. On my list a buddy saw this recently about an Indian guru..?
    having the life of 'happiness' lol

    now you saw it ...I must ...lol

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  13. Kingsman- The Golden Circle 10/10 lol I finally saw this after a long time from when I seen the first. I liked it a lot lol was not let down.

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  14. Get back to me with your thoughts. Be prepared for a wild ride.
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  15. Bohemian Rhapsody - 8/10 - Really enjoyed the movie, Remi Malek was awesome as Freddy Mercury and the movie kept you engaged the entire time. Definitely a fun watch in the AMC Prime theater
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  16. Bohemian Rhapsody (2018) ..lol
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  17. i'll do the last 2 movies i saw in theater.
    venom-6/10. felt cheesy like it was from the 80s. the movie should've been rated r and that hurt the movie a lot. venom is too violent of a character to be in a pg13 movie.
    halloween-8/10. not usually a fan of horror movies but this was good. had me at edge of my seat the whole movie and i saw it opening night with my friend and the crowd reaction while watching it made it more enjoyable!
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  18. the princess bride 10/10
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