Rate the the last movie you watched!

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Dimethyltrip, Aug 17, 2009.

  1. Den of Thieves 8/10

    We both liked this movie it has good action and unsuspecting ending lol. Plus good actors in it as well.
  2. Jeepers Creepers 3 films decent, i give it a 8/10
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  3. I like how it comes back to life every 23 years lol & its an ancient demon.:eek:

    Anyway we watched John Wick 10/10 lol this movie is cool R.I.P Michael Nyqvist tho:(
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  4. Land Before Time 10/10 one of my favorite childhood movies....watched it because i was feeling nostalgic and it did not disappoint lol
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  5. It kicked ass i was kinda expecting it to be trash because it's the 3rd film but it was good:D
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  6. I like the second one too lol where it was flying around after those high school kids lbvs I would have been freaking out.
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  7. Atlanta 10/10
  8. Baby Driver 8/10
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  9. Good Time 9/10 crazy crime drama
  10. GOod will hunting awesome
  11. The Commuter: 5/10 Movie was interesting enough to watch, basically Taken on a train. Not bad, but nothing special.
  12. The cloverfield paradox 7/10 I thought it would have been better if they had the giant monster from the first one in it more.
  13. That Alan Turing movie was fascinating

  14. 15:17 to Paris: 6/10 Plot of the movie was OK but a lot of backstory that didn't add all that much to the main point of the movie. Probably would have been better as an hour long TV special, but I think the guys in the movie did a really good job considering they were the ones on the train that day and not actual actors
  15. I too saw this on the big screen this weekend and was bigly disapponted...I
    would give it a 5/10. Clint may be losing it. I believe even I could have made it more exciting.
  16. Yeah I really had no expectations and was a good way to kill a couple hours while my car was being worked on. Also having moviepass makes the bar for me to enjoy a movie way lower since I am basically paying nothing to go to the movies as much as I want now
  17. Extract 9/10 funny, good plot, great cast.
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  18. Captain America Civil War 10/10 lol this was the best C.A movie straight up. I like that they had Soo many of the avengers in it.

    We going to see The Black Panther tonight as well icw

  19. yeah I was a big fan of cloverfield lane 10, I was hoping it would somehow go along with that one or the other one. Seemed pretty out there. Overall decent movie for a sci fi guy like myself. Slightly disappointing though 7 seems appropriate.
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  20. Fifty Shades Freed 8/10. I enjoyed this movie more than the other two installments.

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