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  1. I searched for this and didn't find it. I apologize if this is already a thread.

    Rate the Piece above you! Maybe add some of your thoughts or whatever.
    1. scale of 1-10
    2. Dont be a dick

    I suppose I should start
    This is George
    The blue liquid glows in the dark
    It was my first piece :)

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  2. I get a new pipe tonight though. Ill post that later:D
  3. 4-10. not really a spoon person.

    but hey, whatever gets the job done.

    milky zong.JPG

    This is Mew.
    14" Zong.
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    That's a nice zong man.

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    a nice big bong is all i need. i love all the other methods mentioned, but bongs are very nice, when available.

    Homemade to me, is just asking to fry yourself. the most common used items, are HORRIBLE for your health, when people post i cant help but facepalm myself and wonder why?

    i understand that some people dont have the luxury of glass, but its pretty inexpensive, and worth the buy.

    /rant i guess gonna go smoke me a bowl

    oh, i give your pipe a 6-7, as i love the dry hits, but i would take filtration any day!

    i love my natty
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    I would give that stemless a 9. I've never hit one but I would love to, they sound glorious.


    My unnamed bong. GonG, 18mm, diffused downstem (slits), icecatchers


  7. sick peieces
  8. RAZORSharp - 8.5. Sick tube. But that bowl is what catches my attention.

    sparticus63 - 7 Sick tube for sure.

    Here's my frosted bubbler.

  9. You need to add vaporizer to that list man, most efficient way to go, so i voted for other

    Not that i don't get extreme satisfaction from a nasty bong rip :bongin:
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    7.0 just cause im not into frosted glasss but still pretty sick main

    and thats my chillum loada, like load a bowl, 10 dallors:)

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  11. I would give that chillum a 6 im not really into them but it looks pretty nice, as for that bubbler i would say an 8 that is so nice.

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  12. damnn this ones fuckn sweeet

    here's mine>
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    Never used a vaporizer so I cant give it a score. But that frosted bubbler gets a 9 in my book, thing is sex. :smoke:
  14. this is my new 12$ metal piece :D it makes me happy.
    it comes apart to clean really nicely. i used it for the first time last night and it worked really well.

    and here is my new lighter, i just posted it because i thought it was cool:smoking:

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  15. the lighter is the same size of the piece haha:p
  16. i really dont smoke out of it anymore just use it with the vapor bros
  17. I give modenas peice a 9/10 i love beaker bottoms but would be sick if it had a ashcather.

  18. meant to post in this earlier so i guess ill do it now

    7/10 on the bowl, i like the colors

    heres my GonG. pics are from the night i got it, its nowhere near this clean anymore lol
  19. bamsk I would definetly give that a 9/10, You got the ice catch, the perc and the color matches the a/c, also looks diffused very nice how much that run you? Oh and here is my bong! [​IMG]

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