Rate the avatar/username of the user above you

Discussion in 'General' started by incrededibles, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. But don't be too mean :]
  2. Mmmm9 out of 10.. get it? :jump:
  3. Very l8dy like of you... get it?

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  4. On the tasty scale? Tasty (For Pistils. Homer jumped in their at the last moment)
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  5. Incrededibles: Great name for a line of cannabis infused treats.
    Avatar: well, I do love birds. (My band's name is Bravery of Birds)
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  6. Username: Why the fuck are we combing weed and geometry?
    Avatar: well, i do love weed and guitars...
  7. Geometry - no
    More like getting sidetracked and going off on a tangent.. that's what weed does to me, musically speaking
  8. I
    I knew that was what you meant but the first thing I thought of was geometry :geek:
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  9. You Evil Thing :D :thumbsup:
  10. 9/10 I'm liking the name and the avi is awesome.

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  11. There's threads for rating username and avatar already

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  12. ^Username: - A nerd in Washington, nice ! 7/10
    Avatar: - Chug out the Christmas Cap lol 6/10
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