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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Baloobas, May 21, 2010.

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  1. Can we get rid of these please, there are always at least two on the front pages of the general, music and movie section

    each post in them has no meaning whatsoever after the next post
  2. You've got a great point and we'll work to get threads like that out of the way. They are extremely pointless and only seem to be a post increasing tool for a lot of members.

    Thanks for bringing it up. :)
  3. Some forum games are a nice distraction.
  4. I haven't seen 'em in awhile tbh.

    I have no problem with these, at some point they get huge, no one cares and they fall out.
  5. That's totally uncalled for.

    The rate the song above you threads in the Music Hall section of GC allows people to show off different artists of that genre. Take the hip-hop and electronic music ones.

    So they're not completely pointless just because you don't use them.
  6. I think we're talking more about rate the avatar, rate the sig and things such as that.

    When it comes to music and rating songs, that helps others tune into new music that they might otherwise miss out on....as long as that's really the purpose of the thread. :)

  7. Yeah I suppose those really don't have a purpose other than raising post count. I suppose they would fit better in the art forum if anywhere.
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    That's absurdly ignorant. Granted it can be used for such a thing, the idea of these type of forums are a way for people to have a categorized chatbox of sorts... instead of everyone creating threads every day about what they did or how they feel when usually these things don't deserve a thread of their own, but people need such threads as an outlet as they feel it necessary to communicate these things with people.

    There can be a few reasons for this; one may simply not feel comfortable expressing themselves as they do in the forum as they do in real life. A person may also feel a connection with the people he or she come to talk to on these forums.

    There are so many reasons for people to have these threads. Especially on a forum where anonymity is necessary for the vast majority of members, they should have a place such as this to come and contribute their daily feelings, using, and whatever else they feel they want to get out anonymously.

    I just don't see a decent reason for closing these threads. If you're so concerned about people bumping their post counts, clearly you don't understand what makes this forum so special. I understand this is simply an addition to a shop which is the number one priority, but closing these threads down has absolutely nothing to do with the shop.

    I hope I stated my reasons clearly and did not offend you, but that is how I feel about the recent actions. Also, I do not care about the "rate the" or game-like threads, but I've seen many threads that people had great conversations and expression get closed down, such as a few in Pandora's Box and The Music Hall.
  9. How in the world is someone communicating what they did during the day with others by rating someone's avatar or signature? :confused:

    Besides, I clarified things a bit more with post #6 which you failed to quote. :)

    Clearly you don't understand that posting a number for a rating of a sig or avatar or giving a thumbs up to one of those things is pointless posting. Pointless posting to increase post count is what isn't allowed...per SJ, actually. I'm very clear on what makes the Grasscity Community so very special...if not, I wouldn't be here or put one ounce of effort into this place.

    The 'chatterbox' threads haven't been welcome in a while due to valid reasons. People have every right to make threads talking about their day without having to just post in one thread only where things get buried quickly. We have many different forums within this community where members have conversations with other members so there really should be no issue.
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    To the first part: you obviously didn't understand where I wrote "rate the" and the entire bold part in general.

    As for "chatterbox" threads... if you feel such simple things each deserve a thread then that's your decision obviously... I feel, personally, that would clutter the forums up more so than having a single thread for it. I guess we simply just disagree on that simple preference.

    I still feel, however, too many threads were closed than there should have been.
  11. um.. why the fuck does any thread on a forum have to HAVE A POINT to it!?!?
    fuck man - is it really detrimental to the forum to have a thread where people post a picture to express their mood? cmon! this is the internet! we're just here to fuck around!
  12. right .. so we can make threads to talk about random shit.. but we can't have a thread dedicated to random conversation.
    aaaaaalrighty then! :rolleyes:
  13. I disagree on the chatterbox thread situation, I think there should be one.

    It doesn't seem fair (for lack of a better word) that a few bad eggs could ruin a thread that literally thousands of people posted in without breaking rules.

    A lot of the threads that I post are non-sequitur stoned gibberish that usually get deleted for lack of content, and I see dozens get deleted for the same thing every day.

    I know that this topic has been discussed extensively before and that those chat threads can turn into rule breaking very spontaneously, but surely it's easier for a mod to moderate one meaningless thread that >10 meaningless threads a day.
  14. UpFromTheSkies, you've been here since January of this year and missed out on what happens in threads dedicated to just chatting because they were closed before you got here...and they were closed with warning after warning being posted in them before closure.

    However, to theVirtuoso, I exited real life to come back and state that once we get Junior Moderators assigned to all forums then the possibility of those threads coming back is definitely there. We'll have more members helping with each and every forum and that will make a huge difference. :)
  15. Maybe you guys should try donating $10 or so to the site before bitching. Notice that those of us who donate don't have a reason to complain about chatterbox threads. ;)

  16. ok sweet :), is that a promise haha

    I don't buy into e-elitism

  17. There's nothing elitist about donating to grasscity.

  18. You ROCK, Agalloch!!! :metal:

  19. what do you guys talk about in that secret forum- Hey guys, remember that time we donated to grasscity?

    -yeah that was awesome



    nah i'm just fucking with you
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    Are these really that big of a problem? I mean come on, there's about 20 different "I got caught waa waa waa" threads on the daily and we can't have a few threads just to mess around in?

    And I don't see why the Picture Thread Your Mood got deleted either. It's not like people are excessively chatting about stuff in there nor is it a scheme to up your post count. I mean if you think about it every thread on here is a chat thread and every thread can be used as a post counter upper type thing.

    I guess a ninja just don't get it...
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