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    Hey GC, hows your day so far?
    So i have been seeing a lot of threads about J's lately and i saw some pretty good looking J's. I wanted to share how my roll was but i also wanted to see how my roll is compared to everyone else. So this is a thread for all you J rollers to show off what you got.

    Ill go first by posting up my roll and people can rate from 1 - 10. 1 being the worst and 10 being the best.
    I hope this thread works out. Have a nice day GC!



    Edit* Just realized there is actually another thread like this. But im going to keep this up to see if it does work out.
  2. Doesnt really look like a J to be honest. The only ganja i see is in your spoon.

    I'm not usually a fan of straight joints but yours isn't bad

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  4. to the first one, almost looks like it was ran thru a machine. i usually like my joints with aleda papers so they're larger and more natural, but not bad. the second one looks a little frankenstein-esque and both joints arent the same size, but who can knock a cross joint. any joint that smokes is nice :smoking:
  5. Rolled this a week or two ago. I rolled it with all ganja instead the method of having a tube connected to the tulip section.

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    Lol, yeah i didn't have enough weed to pack the J to the ends. *wanted to smoke some out of the pipe too* But thanks for the rating.

    Im glad to hear that it looks like my J went through a machine, makes me feel better about my roll.

    As for the crossjoint i give it a 5 out of 10. Its hard to make those though.

    For the tulip i cant really see it but id give it an 9 out of 10 lookin at how much smoke you got.
  7. hard to beat a cross joint...
  8. ouch. the middle section is yellowish because thats the color of the glue stip from my zig zags that i sealed it with.
  9. Oh, yeah that joint would look a lot better if it wasn't for that.
  10. for tomorrow's wake and bake :)

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  11. how do you give the crossjoint a 5?! I think you're just angry yours got criticized.

  12. 7/10 for wasting so much damn bud :D
    but that's a nice tulip.
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    lol, just cause its a crossjoint does it mean i have to give it a good score? I gave it a 5 cause i have seen real clean and good rolls of the cross J.

    As for Ben1234 10/10. Good job, looks good to smoke.
  14. thanks hah. smoked quite well.

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