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Rate some homegrown

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by EnjoiKush, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. Some homegrown shit with a shitty trimjob that was picked up.

  2. looks like it could be some good smoke, but it could use a better trim job :smoking:
  3. Other than the fact that it wasn't handled or manicured properly, it looks like it has some potential for sure. It just doesn't look like it was trimmed and dried optimally. Since it's compact and 'squished' into itself it makes me think it has a spongy texture from not drying and curing.

    However, drying, curing, trimming, etc. only makes the bud more pleasant to smoke. It's likely quite potent even if it's a bit harsh. Enjoy the pick up.
  4. Yeah, some people like the excess trim, personally...I like my buds smooth and manicured very tight. But like Smokey said ^...shit could look like some dank shit, it probably smokes that way, still looks like good bud, just needs a better trimmin'.
  5. give her a hair cut and take some new modeling poses
  6. Kind of a bad picture, not enough light. Looks alright.. very stemmy / leafy
  7. OP, can we please get another shot of the buds post-manicure?
  8. Looks like solid beasters. M39 in all it's Canadian glory. 5.5 out of ten
  9. Looks really premature
  10. Looks pretty sexy just trim deeper
  11. I'd smoke it
  12. to be completely honest i personally wouldnt even smoke that shit...

    looks unflushed as fuck, no trichs, shitty trim/drying/curing, ect..

    not worth it to my lungs

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