Rate some above you Metalcore/deathcore/hardcore version.

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  1. there you go.
    tarnish your own thread.
  2. Necessary?
  3. Oh yes. Very much so.
  4. I'll start it off with this. (As it seems popular enough)

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEVhEV_PeSI]YouTube - Born of Osiris - Abstract art[/ame]
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    thanks for lighting the fuse on this one.

    *runs away and covers ears*
  6. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EtM6tATRIiw]YouTube - A Thousand Times Repent- Curses! Another...[/ame]
  7. haha dude give it a rest. some people like metalcore and deathcore and some people don't. i used to be like you, all OH GOD THIS IS REAL METAL AND THIS ISN'T. well i'm done bitching and complaining about it. if it sounds good, then thats all that should matter.
  8. i agree.

    would you like me to change it to "metal that doesnt sound good thread"
    because it means the same damn thing to me.

  9. meh... i agree, a lot of hardcore, metalcore, deathcore and other core bands suck balls, but there are some good bands that have been grouped up into those categories that HAVE written good songs and DO have some talent. not all of them though.
  10. ill give you that. but the majority of them just give metal a bad name. thats why i made this.

    : )
  11. i suppose...bands like the devil wears prada, escape the fate, drop dead gorgeous and all that shit, i can't stand. but stuff like the black dahlia murder, the faceless, darkest hour, job for a cowboy...they all get such a bad rep, simply cause people mix them in with the core crowd, which is totally unnecessary.
  12. i totally agree.
    alot of those bands are really borderline between death metal and metalcore and sometimes its hard to tell.

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