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Rate my weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Oh Cannabis, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. [​IMG] $10 for 1.2g

  2. prolly a 6
  3. ill give it a 8 because 10$ for 1.2 grams is pretty nice
  4. I'd hit dat.
  5. You live in toronto and thats what you bring us?

    Isnt that the amsterdam of canada?
  6. The Amsterdam of Canada is Vancouver!

    but that bud looks 7.5 out of ten, how does it smoke?
  7. It depends where you are, if you live where I live which is north toronto then it's semi-hard to get good weed, if you live in downtown you can get some dankety dank, I've picked up some amazing bud from downtown, but today I had to go to Vaughn, which is a suburb north of toronto and the guy sold me this, but it does smell veeeeerrrryyyyy skunky :) and should be good.

    BTW Vancouver is the Amsterdam of Canada, Toronto is 2nd considering we also have weed coffeeshops (you can smoke but not buy)
  8. Im gonna say 5 cause i know your holding back
  9. Holding back on what?
  10. It doesn't look like the whole bud, plus im sure you can get more and better stuff.

    Looks good, but i don't like rating from pics.
  11. Ill give it a 5 but if you come back and tell us how it smokes that number might go up.
  12. Well I was gonna try it out today but sadly lost my lighter and didn't feel like doing some candlewick magic instalight method to light a bowl. I'll be sure to update tomorrow or Sunday though
  13. an 8.2 . looks like it'd be pretty dank actually
  14. no lighter? Go pick one up son, that would never stop me from smoking..
  15. Well I had the time and the equipment necessary to try it out :D and I've got to say...this was some good shit, definitely indica, smoke lasted and is still lasting me 4+ hours, tasted kinda fruity and it was very smooth but still made me cough, even though I'm a lightweight it only took .1 too get me very blazed. Overall this stuff didn't disappoint and I still have about 1g left so I'm very satisfied with this righteous bud :smoke:
  16. I give it 12...for no particular reason, mind you, I just like the number 12.

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