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  1. So I've grown a passion for guitar over the past year or so and have really gotten into it. Just recently I've been trying to study and understand the concept of music a bit more and the more I learn, the more I'll try writing songs.

    No lyrics, all just recorded on my mp3 player with my unplugged Fender lol, I would like to hear opinions, feedback, constructive criticism and whatnot. Trust me, I know its not perfect, I did a couple screw ups but nothing major. I also have four separate guitars going during the middle section so it's pretty tough keeping timing right on.

    Best advice is to listen with headphones so you get the full stereo sound, I wasn't aiming for a specific genre, just whatever happened that I liked. I also threw in a fractal on sony vegas to make things a little more interesting haha

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5VAWbKkZymA"]YouTube - curls n swirl, thrills n chills[/ame]

    appreciate any and all positive criticism/opinions- :smoke:
  2. LOL....as a musician you'll learn quickly that you have to take the negative with the positive:p although there was very little neg here:D:smoke:

    Nice Work!
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    Real nice guitar work,....

    My criticism is the backing video

    For acoustic guitar like that, flowers and green grass w/ perhaps chicks in sun dresses dancing around [~ pic below] seems more fitting

    It sound like two guitars at once....very good fret work for a freshman!


    ALso below, is a video your guitar licks remind me of ~~~> the Falming lips ~ Vaseline [HQ Audio]




  4. haha thats exactly what I was trying todo ^ instead of aiming for a certain genre I was more trying to paint a picture with sounds and feelings.

    And for the middle section I had fingerpicking of two chord progressions leading up to being an octave apart then the lead with a second guitar an octave lower.

    Appreciate the feedback so far :D
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    Here's another song and video that comes to mind.....

    I don't know if you'll be surprized but it's one of green day's first hits

    Green Day ~ Longview


    YouTube - Green Day - Longview (Video)
  6. Here's one more video that came to mind

    ......you've got some talent to continue to build and develop

    R.E.M. ~ Th end of the world [as we know it] VeVo :)

  7. This is pretty damn cool. You play guitar a lot like I do, using your instrument to go on a voyage of discovery to see what you can find and what sounds you can create. Genres are meaningless beyond this point. Anyways, I really enjoyed the track, well done.

    Also, how many layers of guitar did you have going? At some points it sounded like 3, but it wasn't too busy either.

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