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  1. I watch as the day just floats away
    Trying to hold out till I get my pay

    So I can hit the town
    And quickly down, some of the best I'm not trying to impress 
    just out to prove I'm far from a mess

    I have to confess, I just want to get back to my nest, where I can finally get this hoe the fuck out of that dress.

    And when I'm spitting it this quick, your trying to figure out what's making me tick, but I'll just keep flowing till I'm making you sick, so hurry up and get on your knees and suck my dick, bitch

    She's in  the right place, so I give her a taste, as I blow my load all over her face, so high I'm in space, looking for a new galactic race.

    But all I've found is buzz lightyear
    What the fuck is he doing up here?

    Now were on the search for Zerg.
    Must be on the dark side of the moon cause it's as cold as a fucking iceberg.

    I'm coming back to reality
    This is a catastrophe, cause when I'm blazed this shit comes so naturally, almost automatically. 

    I'm not sure how to finish this, so I'll just write a few lines deep from this abyss, while we reminisce on all the lines that you missed.

    So we come to an end while I'm making this blend to send me back to the point I extend, my abilities to stay the best,  pass any test and  just let everyone kick back and take a rest

    While I'm about to take this world from down under, drop the thunder.
    There's no point in continuing, I'm the number one contender, I'll make ya surrender, put you in a jug and blend ya.

    The end bra.

    Feel free to post your own, feedback appricated
  2. yo...yo...yo...you are cliche and i am not. I used to paper mache and eat my snots....when i was in kindergarden. I put timber shards called mulch in my garden. Actually not my garden, around my shrubs ,cant find words to rhyme cuz im a nub. My flow is stiff like arthritis but like arthritis if your neck is stiff it could be a symptom of meningitis so if its accompanied by fevere, chills, and mental changes, you should inquire with your doctor. Thank you.

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