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Rate my joint rolling 1-5

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BubbaDaKush, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. what do you think, good for a noob?
  2. Very Nice. Keep rolling them like that. They look classic.
  3. 4 or 5 nice jay
  4. for a noob, hell yea bro that looks pretty decent.
    4 of 5.
  5. 4 or 5 bro, good shit.
  6. classic roll.

    4/5 :)

    just remember to tap it down, and if you wish, twist the top, but its all up to you, i'd smoke what you rolled
  7. nicee... got it looking like a blunt lol
  8. Looks good man, i would give you a 4, you should use a roach that means no weed wasted you can smoke it all the way down :)
  9. Agree with above post ^

    5 though, nice roll.
  10. Looks nice, but the best joints have roaches. Idgaf what anyone else says. Adds shape and strength to it. But for rolling without one, you did a good job
  11. That's looks good bro!
  12. I think English and American/Canadian must roll differently because I think that looks a bit shoddy, im sure it smokes fine and does its job but there's no discernible cone or even a roach and the paper looks a bit crumpled. But if it smokes well the rest it just extra I suppose. When I roll it looks more like this Not mine BTW. my group of friends had a competitive joint rolling thing going on for a while though. Oh and before some one say it I dont use pre cones. I hand roll with zigzag silver king size. A good tip to avoid burning your lips smoking a roach, put a little bit of worthless tobacco just before the roach then your not throwing away the good stuff.
  13. Not bad. 3.5 maybe.
  14. I'd give it a 3, maybe a 3.5... Its really easy to a roll a joint, like its hard to be shitty at it, especially after a while of smoking.

  15. Hard to get really good at it though.
  16. Its not that hard, i mean maybe it is i dont remember lol, but some word of advice. If you wanna roll a good jay that looks fucking sexy get EZ Widers, there easy to roll with cause there big and they come out perfect everytime.
  17. looks like a good ol classic doob. 4.
  18. 4/ 5 they look nice and tight! Id smoke its :smoke
  19. Looks tight, but the quality is iffy. Roll with a crutch in there, itll save you weed even if you don't think so. You can smoke a joint down to a crutch, you cant smoke a crutchless joint down to nothing because your thumbs are there. I'd give this a 4 or 5 also on the rolling.
  20. Jeeze what's with all the hate on roach-less joints? 9 times out of 10 I roll my own without em and they come out fine. And I smoke em down pretty damn far, if it burns my thumb I shift back till im holding the verrryyy end of the joint and continue to smoke until I absolutely can't move my hand (by hand I mean thumb and index finger pinched at this point). By the time I reach that point, the joint is soo small anyways that the amount of bud not smoked at the end is insignificant anyways. Alternatively, you can easily stick the rest into a bowl and continue smoking it down to nothing.

    I'm not definitively saying one way is better than the other, I'm just saying that the amount of bud lost in a roachless joint is such an insignificant amount (if you smoke em down as far as possible like I do) that I feel that roaches are useful but completely unnecessary and the use or lack of one shouldn't really affect the quality of the joint.

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