rate my gas pls

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is good?/

  1. yep

  2. noppers

  1. just got this idk strain ): rate 1-10 pls

    i love you all so much

    there is a secret message

    if you have any hints to the strain from looks somehow pls throw it my way

    dude who gave it to me said it was cali weed so idkkkk

  2. What it smell like and taste like.
  3. All you kids worried about strain names.
    Just enjoy it and don't worry about
    names. If it tastes and smells good
    and it gets you stoned, congrats
    you got good weed.
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  4. 81dIsFG7-UL._SL1500_.jpg
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  5. i wanna find out so i can try to get it again brainiac
  6. it smells really sour and kind of like flowers and it just tastes like really clean and smooth weed
  7. That's amnesia haze my dude. Smoke on!
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    GAS: Guitar Acquisition Syndrome
    I definitely suffer from this malady

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  9. i dont know my guy said that it was called something with a J in it
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  10. Jack Herer
    Jupiter Og
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  11. Jack it is
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  12. I am almost positve he said Jack Herer thank you sm i love you
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  13. Looks good... Can't rate it without trying though lol
  14. understandable big fella

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