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Rate My Friend's Roll Please!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hamiltonian, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. My friends products:


    soon to be smoked :smoke:
  2. I'd rate the joints as a strong 7. Not much "cone-like" figure there.

    The blunt as a 5. I see the technecality practiced there but I prefer a nice v shaped 'rillo loaded phat as fuck.
  3. I would rate the joints at a 7.5, I think they're solid for the most part but nothing spectacular.

    That blunt I would rate as a 4, just about smokeable. The looseness is immense!
  4. Really nice :p
  5. crap...
    (Sry im hungover and honest)
  6. Not bad but why is the blunt so small?

    I would smoke dem
  7. too much paper and the papers look thick as fuck..

    but i'm sure you can smoke it and get high.
  8. I'd give you a solid 6.5-7/10.

    Really good effort and looks as if they'll smoke well. Smoke the J's with less cone-age with super caution!
  9. What is on that blunt...
  10. I'd give the J's a 6/10, they do look kinda loose, lotsa paper and the filter looks like it was added last. The blunt is a 5/10, same looseness issue and that blue thing confuses me :|
  11. I think the blue thing is a rubber band, as for the joints 5/10. They have decent shape, but either pack them more or do something with the ends. Also try looking up a "Chinese Top" for the joint, makes them look hell of a lot better.
  12. They do look kinda limp/squishy but I couldn't really tell cuz the paper looks so thick lol
    What's a chinese top? I consider myself an experienced roller but I've never heard of that lol

    Edit: Rubber band roflwtf
  13. Why the fuck did your friend put a rubber band on a blunt..
  14. That rubber band is gonna be the tastiest part.
  15. i think the rubber band is the keep the good stuff from falling out... they're all a little loose, and it's not the guys fault that the paper is thick lol. 7/10 average but not flashy blunt looks decent 6
  16. rubber band to keep the end tied off in storage so bud doesnt fall out that end. obviously not going to smoke rubber, thanks for the rates guys! my friend is a lil depressed that he got so many 6-7 ratings but u gys have pretty high standards
  17. Pretty nice blunt 6
  18. He's obviously not going to smoke rubber guys... It's so the bud doesn't fall out. When he smokes it he's going to take it off... :devious:
  19. joints are good but the blunt looks like some pussyboy shit

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