Rate my first complete rap song!!

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  1. Ok so guys one day i just started jotting down some rhymes. Ive been just playin with it for about a day and a half now and this is what i could come up with my first time. I.E why i call it my debut. And indecided id post it to GC because why not share it with my favorite people STONERS!!


    Why are all my thoughts so pessimistic? The beauty of that word, I shoulda grabbed and kissed it. Thought I was in real shit, but realized you were just a dipshit!

    A party foul, tryna kick it in SoCal. My time is now, I bust the truth. So sympathetic, comin at me like I'm the goof, but fuck you! You so wrong, smack ya in the face with my long dong.

    The monster under the bed was summarizing it all to wrong. You talkin like you got something to prove. But I can say what I want, cause I got nothin to lose. This news to you? NO! Then wipe that smirk of your face, and get back to the rat race of mortality.
    Im just rhyming reality, some say Im not from this galaxy. S7. Blowing up in your pocket, when you set it to vibrate.
    Surprise mate, coincide or coexist. Submerge or saturate it, get in get out before it all to late. Go see the dragon or I'll lock the gate, clearly you in bad shape. We sealed our fate. Jumping off the Golden Gate. Hit the water a hundred mile an hour. Crack ya Cranium, WHOOP there goes Uranium.....I'm R3LIANC3, this my debut!
  2. And tbh guys after writing rhymes and stuff like this for a few days now made me realize how disturbed my mind actually is But oh well
  3. Interesting lyrics...I've learned with rhyming, the less obvious it is, the better.

    I started out rhyming everything but too much of a good thing....

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