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Rate my first blunt

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TABOR, May 4, 2011.

  1. First blunt I've ever rolled got a 1/8 of kush today after work and haven't smoked since 420...1/10 how shitty is it :smoke:

  2. If that's really your first blunt then, not bad at all, keep it up!
  3. 7.5 which aint bad/ it just looks a little loose who knows if i seen it in person or smoked it. id rate it a 10. pics can be desieving
  4. wellll since i cant smoke it i cant tell you how good it is....
  5. wouldsmoke/10
  6. like others said, looks can be decieving but it looks like a 10

  7. The end was loose
  8. its straight enough ;)
  9. impressive for your first
  10. Considering my first dozen or so blunts werent even smokable, Id say that looks pretty damn good.
  11. Never judge a blunt by its cover. or picture.
    That very well could be amazing, it also could be shit.
    See how it smokes, thats the only fucking way. You can maybe tell by feeling it, but a picture is nothing. I've rolled up some ugly ass L's (usually with wraps, rather than dutchies) that smoked greaat
  12. It look good, i give it a 8..but try to even out the green before rolling so it doesn't look like a "pregnant blunt".

  13. i agree you cant say if its going to smoke great by a pic unlike joints

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