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Rate my doobie.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Whitey6, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. Hello I'm new to rolling and have recently learned the trick to making good joints. Please rate this joint for me that I just made. :smoke:

  2. Is the trick a joint roller, lol. Yeah it looks good tho, nice and tight.
  3. No I tried a joint roller and I couldnt get it to work. I don't think theres really a trick, just how you roll a Jay, for me it was folding the bottom half of the paper in half and moving it up and down a bit to give it a natural curve, and I found that helped me a lot when folding the top half of the paper around the weed.

    jk. but yeh nice j buddy. keep it up.
  5. Lol thanks, it used to say flic my bic but I tore that cover off.
  6. AHHAHHH white lighter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    there bad luck, BLOW IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Edit* I blow up ever white lighter i see and if its not mine i just buy my friend a different color lighter.
    FTW white lighters are evil
  7. Why is the white lighter evil? I've heard that from everyone so I stopped getting the white lighters, but I never got an answer.
  8. It's funny they say that though because last night my mom caught me smoking my joint with my white lighter lol. But I'm 20 so she just said she was disappointed and left it.
  9. idk the real reseason i was just told by a friend one time its just bad luck so i never ever use one... just incase. lol
  10. lookin good, id smoke it
  11. The myth is basically a correlation between white lighters and having an incounter with the popo. I personally don't beleive it, but some of my buddys have experienced the myth.
  12. thats a nice joint, but no offense it looked like you used the pencil trick either way its still very nice
  13. Well since I didn't use a pencil I guess thats a compliment, thank you!
  14. Nice, my J's are all skinny and whatnot. Still smoke good though. Tell us how it smokes
  15. Lots of people on this forum suck at rolling, when you get slightly practised rolling like this isn't too hard. However that is a nice doob.
  16. It smoked well my friend, But my mom found out I smoke weed because of that J haha.

    I tried using the pencil before but I wasn't able to fill it without crumbling the paper to crap. I don't have a soft touch, theres a lot of weed packed into that J haha. All my friends say I smoke a lot of weed and I only usually make 1 gram joints, is that a lot or something?
  17. This thread is making me want to roll one up. LOL
  18. NO your mom caught you because of ur lighter..see another example of bad juck
  19. nice id give it 4 out of 5. i usually dont roll joints i stick to dutch palmas but when i roll a joint i found the best way to roll is to lick the paper lightly on the side closest to you and then it just rolls right over the weed so it burns evenly, its nice and tight, and its rolled not folded which makes it hit perfect. same goes for a blunt ;)
  20. dude.. umm... its a joint. if it doesnt look like you pulled it out of your ass and if you can get a toke from it and if it doesnt fall apart while you are smoking it - then its a success! people waste too much time caring about things like this. wrap the paper around whatever the fuck you want, as long as you can smoke it - why the hell does it matter. personally i suck at rolling, but i've rolled probably 20 joints in my life. they look pretty nice, they smoke pretty nice, i dont use any pencils.. but even if i did use a rolling machine or a pencil or whatever the fuck else people use, as long as it smokes well, wouldnt you smoke it?
    oh and white bics ARE evil. stick with red, they are always good :)

    edit: wow that was a long rant.. ive been dry for a long ass while, picked up a dub.. and in canada all weed is good (bwahaha *evil smiley*) so you can guess how i feel probably. :)

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