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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by redeyedfuk, May 23, 2009.

  1. This is my first homegrown bud ever, id like to get some feedback on it, by the looks of it anyway.


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  2. the color looks like its just from the great outdoors, and the crsytallage is great. I'd smoke it.
  3. outdoor indeed, Great White shark. nice 1 for quik reply, 1 good opinion so far.. im pretty happy with it as i never grown b4 but yeah .. more opinions wud b kool.
  4. looks great. Two questions though. How much did you yield and how's the smoke.
  5. I havent smoked it yet its only been driying for about 4 days. And i only got 50gs out the biach, this is because i force flowered it from its third week. Its pissin me of how i cant smoke it, its stinkin my whole house out. Anyway how long do you actually have to wait for the buds to dry properly?
  6. depends on the conditions - mine is dried in 3-4 days

    smoke some dude - it wont kill you!

    by the way, that's a good first effort :smoking:
  7. Nice looking bud for a first try. Congratulations!
    If it weighed 50 grams wet, it should be 10-15 gr dried.
    You should take a little aside and try curing it. Curing makes it smell and taste much better.
    It's already dried long enough to microwave a bit if you need it now (10-15 seconds at a time). My experience is this won't effect the potency. However, the bud doesn't taste that good because all the chlorophyll that's still in it.
  8. wasuup grandma it was bout 130 g when i first cut it, i think its already lost all the water because its been there for 4 days now, but i notice when i grind it or crumble it its still abit wet inside, will this affect the taste and potency of it? cus i mite aswell wait noder 2 or 3 days rite. but ye i jus had 1 and im fkin higgh and the taste is wiked its like lemon. nyways ye imm of
  9. Wish my dank looked like that around here....Be paying high prices for some mediocre shit.
  10. nice , nymoree

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