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Rate my bud! [MACRO]

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by jtonz, May 19, 2010.

  1. I picked up 7.6 of this for $50 (Canadian) Please Rate. :cool:

  2. good price and some rope. does it smell?
  3. Looks like pretty good bud dude, good price too. I usually get dank for $60/quarter
  4. Pine, kind of smells like skunk a little too.
  5. skunk, then you know its some good.
  6. (Not really the response you were hoping for but...)

    They look like little Christmas trees!
  7. diggggiiitttttyyy dannnk looking yo. nice and hairy. skunky is the bbbbbeeesssst in my opinion of course
  8. I wish I got these for Christmas from the rents ;), hilarious comment :)

    Your opinion, I agree with most of it.
  9. After weeks of searching, the homeboys and I finally found the perfect Christmas tree.

    Attached Files:

  10. We can't rate your bud just by a picture.

    I've had bud that has looked like that, all nice and hairy and frosty, but it's just beasters. It looks all nice and shit, but doesn't smoke very well.

    Rate your own bud by smoking it. Seriously man. I'd say your bud looks nice, but I have no idea how good it actually is. Judging by the pictures, I'd say it's pretty good. Not amazing, but good. Could be low end beasters for all I know.
  11. based n the picture an 8. based on the price you paide a 10

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