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Rate my bong toke

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by XbLAvery, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. dirty bong. would have loved to seen the smoke inside heh
  2. Pretty decent. Once you pack bigger bowls push the weed down with the metal part of your lighter, allows it to burn better and saves your lung capacity.
  3. Did you puke at the end?
  4. Nice rip but no way there was .5 in there, maybe a solid .2.
  5. You sure made sure to inhale enough butane.

    Go easy on the flame next time.
  6. Lol that was just him blowing the smoke out.
    And you smoke great dude...
  7. didn't bother with the video,
    yes, .5 is nothing to brag about..

    not saying you are, just saying in general.
    nothing to be proud of/brag about.

  8. Lol I spent 20 on that bigup bowl piece. The camera angle is kinda tripped out, it looks a lot smaller than it actually appeared.

    No i did not puke after , my buddy just ended it right after the toke. thankfully no coughing :hello:
  9. If you're trying to brag about your tokes, you're going to look like a tool, regardless of how big the hit is.

  10. I wasn't trying / going to brag. I just wanted to know if I am atleast average or a bit above average for bong tokers. Since my group raggs on me for hitting 'bitch' bowls lol
  11. Who cares if your 'average' or 'above average'.

    Smoking pot is not about taking big ass hits, and looking cool.
    Only 13 year olds call each others hits 'bitch hits'.
  12. Oh I see.

    So he has to blow the smoke outside of the outdoor garage.

    Like a boss.
  13. try to use your lighter less man, saves the fluid. or get some hempwick.

    and hold it in longer.
    average, 5.

  14. ya

    *****z be reppin with my parents WERD
  15. This guy is tew kewl for skewl.
  16. You can only brag when you take 1g rips through your nose.
  17. And exhale through your rectum
  18. Way to torch the lighter bud.

    EDIT: hahahaha im high sorry, i ment: way to torch the bowl bud.
  19. 2g's and up is worth mentioning on my scale..
    anything under is preschool.
    like where did you goto school man??

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