Rate my 18 day old plant!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by PeeDee420, Feb 18, 2009.

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    So this is my first grow and I just want some opinions on how its going. This plant is 18 days old.
  2. Here she is.

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  3. lookin good ;)
  4. Looks great. Is that yellowing around the edges or is it just the pic. Regardless here is a tool that might help your grow. Congrats :hello:
  5. Thanks for the comments guys!:hello:
  6. Looks good,the new growth which is in the middle will start to turn lighter green very soon,when it does start adding nutes every other watering starting at 1/4 then 1/2 and so on as tolerated.;)

  7. Looks like there's some curling near the bottom....I know that ain't good....o.o...eh?
  8. Soil could be a lil hot,id wait for any nutes for a while.

    If your using a pre-ferted soil thats why the lower leaves are doing that,TX or flush 3X the pots size with warm water to flush away the ferts.

  9. Are you FDD??
  10. you have any perlite in that soil....looks kinda barky.....

    looks good man.
  11. What size pot is that
  12. Ya the soil is MG organic choice so I'm sure its over nuteing them. When I repot Im going with FFOF soil. The current pots are 1 gallon. Thanks for all the encouragement!:smoke:
  13. One more thing, who thinks she is ready for LST?
  14. sure go for it, the bottom leaves are probably getting shaded at this point
  15. Nah main. Hold off on the LST. Wait til you get some internodal growths and side branches. I'd say another week or so.

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