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Rate at which thc metabolises?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ollz272, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. I've never used this forum before, but im in a real pickle and other posts have helped me out in the past. I'm 18, and doing a project in my maths class using equations to model different situations. I'm also a massive fan of cannabis, and thought it would be cool to combine both of these to try to find some equations that model the amount of THC in the body after smoking a bowl. The problem is, i can't find any data on the internet about the amount of THC in the body after smoking, aka how much is in every hour after smoking. Does anybody have any, or know of a website/place where i could obtain this information? Thanks in advance :)

    18+...doubt it...
    OK CHILDREN, PAY ATTENTION: RULE OF THUMB - typically 45 days from introduction until metabolites are flushed from body.
    Multiple factors would come into play, no way to test all the there is no control data timeline to insert in your formula so you can toke and think 'for sure' it is out of your system before mommy and/or daddy makes you take a drug test.
  3. No, i genuinely am. I'm 18 and am in my last year of a-levels, and im doing this coursework for a further mathematics module called 'differential equations'. Thanks for the tips, but im not worried about being caught. 

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