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  1. Thy sound really good, and really good high.
    Their a good band.
    Im stoned like hell right now and listenieng to them.:smoke:

    COll guys what happend to alot of the faces over to the right?
    THe emoticons.
    Sorry for the mistakes, i dont want to correct them :")
  2. I just found out about Ratatat last week! I have a mix on my computer of instrumental only songs and i've got a few ratatat on there, they are pretty amazing.
  3. there are amazing when baked but they seem kinda repetitive when not. I think when i'm baked i get sucked into the beat better if that makes any sense.
  4. Yeah its like they change the beat/change something in the music that makes it sound so epic like 3 times per song.
    Their like progression., like 17 years, and loud pipes and the one that starts with a "no___"
  5. Yeah I have their CD with Tropicana on it and stuff. Really great to listen to high.

    Also check out Animal Collective. Pretty similar in sound but is better in my opinion.

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